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Thread: Missing Playstation Store content...?

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    I got a blank screen when I put the disc in. PS support got it back, but I'm missing almost all the content I bought.. The Safari course is all that remains. Sackboy, Toro, Gloria, Golfasaurus, clothing, etc. I bought everything they had, so it's a lot missing. When I click "online" after re-downloading, it says CHECKING VERSION, then DOWNLOAD FAILED. wait a few moments and try again, or come to this website. I'm disabled and spend 22+ hours a day lying down, Local multiplayer games like this are great when friends stop by. It's a very sedentary life I live. Laughing with a buddy as we make up special rules for these whacky characters and courses is how I stay in a positive mood. Can anyone help?
    My wifi was reset 4X, the PS3 files fixed twice(option 3), and option 4(rebuild system files) once. Nothing worked. I'm not the best golfer, only 2-3 second row characters are unlocked, so this extra content is all I really got.

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    The servers for the game went offline about 4 years ago. Unfortunately even if you bought the DLC before you have to update the game for the DLC to work. Since the servers are offline you can no longer update the disc. The only way to get the game and DLC to work is to buy the download version of the game on the PSN store. It only cost $15 and gives you all of the courses and characters in 1 download. It might be cheaper if you have PS plus. This is the only solution now though sorry.

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    Sorry, I don't understand.. I have all the downloads in my transaction history, and I've tried re-downloading that way, and also by going back to the PS Store where the add ons still show up on my screen.. It says I already purchased them, and can hit "download" again but there's no way to buy them, at least on my screen, as I already did. I can buy the whole game digitally($14)(I think), but not sure if you get all the add ons when you do that.. Do you? I really liked the nutty golfers like Kratos, Toro, etc., and the dinosaur course. When I called support, they took over 3 hours, and said there's only 1 more thing to try: put all of m,y saved content on an external drive and wipe the PS3 back to factory fresh. If buying the digital version gets me all the add on golfers and courses, I can do without the fashion lines.. Does buying the digital full version get me all the add on golfers and courses?

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    Sorry, 1 more thing.. so buying the "full version" comes with all of the add ons? And part 2 of my question: Do I have to keep the digital version on my PS3 or will the disc work with the saved data once it's installed?

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    You have to buy the digital version and yes it comes with everything. Once you download it then you don't use the disc. Yeah even though you bought everything the DLC only work if the game has been updated. Since the server is now down there is no way to actually update it. The download version from the store has all of the updates applied already so it actually works.

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