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Thread: Graded Tour Sheets

  1. Default Graded Tour Sheets

    All three sheets can be view in excel online by anyone. It might work better viewing these from there. Just click the double window icon in the lower right.

    Player Profiles

    Wins, 2nd Place and Pods (20%) are shown. Total is total entries. Games Left in your block and how many points earned in that block are shown in the last two columns.

    Note: Update times are shown!

    2nd Note: If you are not in this first sheet, you may have been marked as inactive (players that have played one game, or have not played for an extended length of time)

    Rankings by Grade sorted by Wins

    Course Records

    It needs to be an official score. Tornado Cup, Big Cup, Light or No Wind are not official scores.

    Note:Positive scores for some reason ruin the course records. They should go away when all are under 0.

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