I got a blank screen when I put the disc in. PS support got it back, but I'm missing almost all the content I bought.. The Safari course is all that remains. Sackboy, Toro, Gloria, Golfasaurus, clothing, etc. I bought everything they had, so it's a lot missing. When I click "online" after re-downloading, it says CHECKING VERSION, then DOWNLOAD FAILED. wait a few moments and try again, or come to this website. I'm disabled and spend 22+ hours a day lying down, Local multiplayer games like this are great when friends stop by. It's a very sedentary life I live. Laughing with a buddy as we make up special rules for these whacky characters and courses is how I stay in a positive mood. Can anyone help?
My wifi was reset 4X, the PS3 files fixed twice(option 3), and option 4(rebuild system files) once. Nothing worked. I'm not the best golfer, only 2-3 second row characters are unlocked, so this extra content is all I really got.