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Thread: Missing tree?

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    Default Missing tree?

    Sometimes when I play the Nam Rong course I notice the tree in front of the 9th green has gone missing. Haven't figured out what conditions are that cause this yet. Anyone else noticed or got any clue as too why, when or how?

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    Happens on 1st hole at Alpina a fair bit, the 1st par 5 on vortex has a cactus that decides which fairway I drive onto depending whether it's there from room to room.
    No clue why.
    I'm hoping the cost saving of not having to generate certain course obstacles will save them enough money to be able to purchase the necessary servers etc to provide us with graded tours. Just to keep beating that gong.

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    Alpina 17's tree to the right of the house changes too. It's to do with the position of the hole, to prevent people getting easy long chips. Obstacles move to make things difficult, or easier if it's too difficult. All the holes seem to be fine-tuned in this way. I can say this as someone who spent a long time trying to figure out how to long chip almost every hole.

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