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Thread: It's 4 months now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormchasergal View Post
    Probably the person who made the decision doesn't even play the games. Just look at the international tour and how it's blasted in your face in your home area. To me it's just a slap in the face. A one week qualifier?
    You're probably not wrong. I saw 2ch people link this interview with some of the devs:

    They were saying the senior producer in that interview 長井伸樹 (Nobuki Nagai, pictured center of the top photo) is the same guy responsible for The Tomorrow Children, a game that bombed ultra hard, to the point that they decided to take down the online servers less than a year after launch.

    There were a few other producers involved in New Everybody's Golf that seem kinda shifty to me, like the guy in the black shirt who is one of the lowest level gallery AI characters in the game, 本村健太郎 (Kentaro Motomura). I dunno if any other devs put themselves in the game, as I didn't recognize them.

    I think this pic shows several devs as in-game characters (Motomura on the top left), including Sony's President, Shuhei Yoshida (white striped shirt on the right).

    Edit: The original tweet actually says they are SIE Japan Studio team members, everyone in ClapHanz, and other Sony staff, who appear in the in-game gallery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VOLS34 View Post
    Lol what? Graded tours are what made the game what it was. Taking the best part of the game away isn’t exactly just “trying something different”. If you changed “graded tours” to “turf wars” you might have a point.
    I’ve not played the game for prob 2 months,unless there’s graded tours it’s pointless from my point of view.shambles as far as I’m concerned

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    You're not missing much. Online server has been kicking people left right and center all day. You can't even do game rooms. No official news yet. I wonder how long it'll take before they notice.

    Edit: Seems like an overall PSN problem. Probably overloaded from the Dragonball Fighterz open beta.
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    Hi all, seems compitition has been removed from the game so there is no winers. Socially they failed open world is lonely without a group option. Gamerooms are weak no pb so why do them? I have played oob on Japan and American servers sadly this one is poor to say the least.However I still play just with hardly any interaction with other people

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