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Thread: Where is everybody?

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    Question Where is everybody?

    Where is everybody?

    Looking at the membership list, it looks like there are about 70 active members (active here being people who have visited at least once in the last month). The rate of posts is even lower; and way, way lower than it was when Hot Shots Golf came out. This was a really, really busy (and cool) forum back in the day. The sub-reddit for this game is even more of a wasteland. People aren't talking.

    I discovered this forum, by the way, because Morpheus created a PS3 identity named HotShotsGolf_Com (or something similar) and wandered around the Hot Shots online lobbies. When I saw that avatar, I was here pronto.

    When the game first arrived in the mail, along with a new PS4 to play it on, I was expecting (hoping for) a return to the glory days. But that's not what has happened at all!

    I think there are just not many non-Japanese players. I play the bonus course every day; I play many game rooms every week (though not daily). I see very, very few North American or European players. I mean, I have a bluetooth keyboard for my PS4, but I haven't used it in this game because all of the other players in game rooms and on the open courses are not English speakers, so I'm stuck with the canned phrases. Why thankee!...

    The game is reasonably popular. I think my recent (and pointless) International Tournament qualifying round ranked me among more than 10,000 entrants. But the overwhelming majority of those players are in Japan (and way better than me).

    It's different from Hot Shots; and in some ways very much not as good. But it's still a great game with nearly infinite replayability, especially online with other people.

    Any clues as to why Europeans and Americans are not interested?

    PS Please add me as a friend and hit me up if you see me online. I really like playing game rooms and will be up for it most of the time. Use caribeachbum, though, not the one with two b's (caribbeachbum). I lost the password for that one, so it's an orphan...

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    One reason is the game is very poorly marketed outside of Japan. Another reason is many of the features and characteristics that kept other players interested despite the lack of marketing is gone from this version.

    I think the rpg and open-world elements they added to the game better appeal to the asian market. Not that americans don't play open rpg games that require grinding and upgrading- but believe me they really go nuts for it over there.

    No surprise you see many of the same Japanese players hanging out on the courses, just chatting, after grinding for their coins and gems. Everyone else just seems to log in to do a daily or rare tourney before playing another game.
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    It seems like the gamefaqs message board is more active for this iteration of the game than anywhere else...

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    its very simple : Clap Hanz played us all.

    There is no replay value for this game, without the GR tourneys every 10 minutes like other versions had.

    Their completely idiotic leaving this out and leaving everyone in the dark IF it'll ever even be introduced in this game. Someone like Senidol should know the real answer, but even he's i'm guessing no live tourneys anymore.

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    Truly a shame what this game currently is. The only glimmer of hope that I see is that Minna 6 had 33 updates (HSG:WI had 3 lol). So hopefully there will be a similar evolution with this version. And hopefully they're getting negative feedback from the Japanese players. The game has a lot of potential, just not a lot of it has been realized.

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    Would be nice to have a central hub area like the initial load in area for players to hang out in. The open courses just don't bring the hey lets talk and play some rounds vibe. I don't think i've seen an american player yet. i usually jump into open game rooms and it's always Japanese players.

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    It does seem more difficult to meet people (even existing friends) on this incarnation due to the 'Home Area' being solely for you and the annoying loading times when going anywhere else. The lobby system worked well previously as it was away from the golf course, so you were not otherwise distracted. It is nice to have all nine holes laid out to explore but it's very vast all the same and everyone is running around either harvesting gems/coins/giftboxes and warp medals (LOL) or playing a round.

    For all its faults -- lack of skipping in online rooms, lack of tours, real rooms, crazy spray even with p.i. and pimped up custom clubs and triple just balls skewing scores -- I am warming to this title and hope further updates will make it a far more rounded product as it progresses. It does appear there will not be graded tours but hopefully they can find a way of getting us all in live tournaments rather than the solo slog experience of the event just launched.

    Shihiko launched a discord page which is quite active (well more active than here) -- may be worth checking out if you are short of people to play with or against.

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