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Thread: How I ended up a Master Baiter

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    No, this is not a story of teen angst or mothers worrying that their kids will go blind. But if your looking for triple pi balls this juuuust may help.

    *SPOILER ALERT* It's boring AF!!

    Find a fishing hole with a rare 10 star fish for your Master Baiting to start. I choose the 2 Vortex courses because it has the alligator gar which is the biggest fish on the page so it's easy to spot.

    Get the best rod and use the Master Bait of course.

    1. Cast
    2. Remember we only like Master Baiting the big ones (size matters!!) so if a little fish goes for the Master Bait (like one bounce off it or less) press X and reel in.
    3. Do this over and over, like up to 15 times. (saves having to catch and reel in any small fish) until you have a big one whaking away at the end of your line.
    4. Typically Master Baiting takes very little time but in this instance PATIENCE is key, so when the big one bites WAIT until your sure it's Master Baited, it usually takes 3 times meaning it will nibble and leave but don't panic it keeps
    coming back. Just wait until your bobber takes a dunk and press X, then mash it until about the 19 second mark then stop for a couple seconds mash X again until you have it on the dock, about the 13 second mark.

    Sometimes the game gets stingy and won't send out a big one so after 10-15 casts I just catch a small one. I think it resets the games moral compass and it becomes more generous.

    Even if your the best Master Baiter in the world it still seems like the tripe pi balls are like 1 out of every 10, if that, so it's a grind. You get a gem or 1000 coins or any other ball or nothing sometimes.

    Is not quite rocket surgery and certainly not nearly as fun as Master Baiting in real life but get out there so you can play with the best balls you've ever played with.

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    +1 for effort

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    This thread is the quintessential example of how desperately we need a substantial update. 😂

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