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    "The Donald", "Moonwalker", and "Kid Rock".

    I also had a pretty good Kim Jong-Un i seemed to have overwritten by mistake. Some of my other favorites i've seen running around open courses (not mine) - Bill Cosby, Slim Shady, Nicholas Cage, Steve Jobs.

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    Good ones. Has anyone copied the creepy Slenderman looking setup? I want to copy it just to see how you make the character so distorted.

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    Well that's fantastic! I play at least one open course nearly every day, but I haven't seen anything this creative. Well done.

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    My sorry attempt to create some of the characters from previous HSG games. From left to right - Young Kate (HSG OOB), young Kat (HSG WI), young Grace (HSG WI), young Sweet Tooth (HSG2), & young T-Bone (HSG Fore).


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    Gunner, I actually did copy it when I first saw it and was hoping to do the same thing as you, see the settings. Unfortunately, I couldn't. That's the only one I've ever copied, so maybe if it's copied online, you can't adjust anything? I will say this, when moving around a course online, at times a huge head will pop up at the top of the character, so maybe it's a head as big as you can make it and a body as small as you can make it? No clue really.
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