Sorry to make another thread, I wasn’t sure if I should post in someone else’s or make my own, feel free to combine this if it’s better with another thread, I just didn’t want to booger up someone’s thread.

So basically I like the new game, really bored now, hoping they add ranked tours soon. But my request is this. I think when you are building up your character you should be able to separate and choose what you want and where you want to put it. For instance, let’s say as you build up your character you get points that you can use to build him up. Let’s say a fully upgraded character needs 100 points, and every time you get a point, you can put it in the spot you choose. Like,

Power 0-40
Spin 0-40
Control 0-40
Putting 0-40

So with that there is possible 160 point places you can upgrade but you only get 100 points maximum, so most people would probably fill power and separate the remaining 60 points whichever way suited them best. Or you could even not put in your points, or just use 20 points or 50, because maybe you prefer a different style of golf, a more challenging style. There’s lots of options if that would be available and would make for a better, more personal customization