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Thread: MONEY_MD Tournament

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    Uh oh. Everybody watch their back online.

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    [QUOTE=I-B-Glenn;124106]Letís talk about whatís not right, how bout me being in a fun tournament with my friends, and thranth messaging them like he always does about me ďcheatingĒ how right is that? And then to make matters worse, he posts crazy crap on the community that I canít defend myself, how right is that? I just was having fun, I saw him join, I said nothing to my friends, I figured whatever, but he didnít, that ainít right

    Ugh. That's not what happened at all there Mctwisty
    How about some facts:
    I entered an event
    You entered said event afterwards
    Host friends us on the same day so we can play his future event
    Like a dummy, knowing you had entered, I play the event despite myself, but have no interest in talking to you, ever.

    It is patently obvious that you are still doing same the thing. I tell the other players I'm out and good luck. I quit.

    The host messages me and calls me a quitter, I simply responded to him (all your friends) as to why I quit.

    As far as the community, I thought why enlighten others on how to cheat so I deleted my posts.
    Anyway new topic.

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    MONEY_MD has a new event posted on the community. There should be at least 8 four man qualifiers over the next week or so.

    Check it out and join one.

    If you have any sort of issues with the time the events start just message him and he will do his best to accommodate you.

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