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Thread: MONEY_MD Tournament

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    Quote Originally Posted by I-B-Glenn View Post
    Would it make a difference to you if I said I didn’t use it? I think not, anyway, I understand I’m like a god who can turn it on and off with ease, lol, but here are my stats after 3300 holes, I wouldn’t say they’re out of the ordinary for someone whose played hot shots for 4 years now, but hey, it’s a free world, go on and keep talking, keep not allowing me in your community because who knows what I’ll do, and keep thinking you’re playing the best, lol

    Attachment 441

    Sure pi cuts down on sway, but super hard pins negate pi because they are so close to the edges of the green
    These stats can also be mis led if you use a triple pi ball in 1 hole rounds and Iíve seen Japanese players with higher perfect pi rate than that

    From my experience being involved in communities and forums now for 15 years even if ppl donít use cheat devices once you start accusing someone the accused CANNOT win and this seems to be the case here Glenn can say he doesnít use 1 as much as he wants your opinion ainít gonna change

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    Glenn I didn't ban you from my community but it probably auto banned you since I am the owner and I have blocked you on PSN because of your past behavior. While I think you have been better on here lately then you just out of nowhere basically state that you are actively trying to get people banned on PSN. Come on man that's not right especially when you consider some of the things you have sent people on PSN before.

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    Thing is, I really think hot shots changed the game because of who knows what, maybe Senidol knows, lol. But seriously, pi isn’t what it used to be, it’s different, yes low scores are still very possible, maybe more possible, but I really think that unless you use super top spin every single time, you are at the mercy of sway, and nobody can predict the sway, and super top spin approaches don’t generally work great. Seriously, when is enough enough? How long can this possibly go on? What are you accomplishing? I’m still here, so are you, and I’m not going anywhere.

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    I’m counter punching, you guys are throwing the first punches over and over again

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    Let’s talk about what’s not right, how bout me being in a fun tournament with my friends, and thranth messaging them like he always does about me “cheating” how right is that? And then to make matters worse, he posts crazy crap on the community that I can’t defend myself, how right is that? I just was having fun, I saw him join, I said nothing to my friends, I figured whatever, but he didn’t, that ain’t right

    And if you want to bring up the past, how bout when you were supposed to be my friend, how bout that, was that right?

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    Glenn I played a few rounds with you back in the day. Calm down we don't know each other in real life. For that matter I have never met any of the people I see on here with the exception of Krae Man who I met at PSX experience last year. Back then you used to claim that you were disabled and that is why you were using a device that we now all know if the Cronus Max. So you lied about that. Second off people are "throwing the first punches" seriously? How many times have you come on here and just blasted people for no reason or sent crazy messages to people on PSN? This is well documented crazy person behavior from you but no one could ever make you see that. I've seen the screen shots and not just from Thranth but other people that I thrust. I should have never fed the troll and for that I am sorry. Later.

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    we all have screenshots we can post bud. But hey, I welcome any postings of my messages, please make it easy for me.

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    So here we are again with Glenn having to defend poor Glenn. Again and again. If the same procedure applies as it did in the past Poor Glenn then makes a second account and defends himself pretending.... not to be himself, your such a slimy snake you even made a fake account on the hsg Facebook page to defend yourself. You are beyond pathetic.

    Then poor glenn says he doesn't cheat and it's his game to play the way he wants and the rest of us are bullies and and and....on and on and on.

    YOU were Banned here years ago. With multiple accounts yet here we are again.

    I am just as bad as I keep getting sucked in by you and your bs.

    Your a cheater and a liar. Anybody on this forum for any amount of time knows it, And I will keep calling you out on it. You've got zero credibility.

    But I gotta stop feeding that internet troll that your so proud to be.

    Peace out peeps.

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    Well, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected, I’m good with that, lol

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    Everyone knows he cheats so who cares. Even cheating in every iteration he hasnít really been relevant. Obviously his defense, at least now, is that pi has random sway so whatís the difference. Of course he disregards the actual intent of his actions which shows his extremely low moral compass....and this is just a video game.

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