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Thread: Did they up the difficulty of revenge VS?

  1. Default Did they up the difficulty of revenge VS?

    I have never had any difficulty at all with them before, getting 3 up shy of regulation each time... BUT.

    This time I was up against the fisher guy as a revenge character.

    On hole 10 he eagled for a tie.
    On hole 11 he eagled and I merely birdied.
    Then he turned around and got a hole in one on hole 12. (My attempt was nearish the pin, but not in).
    I was down 2 at this point.

    Note these weren't tornado holes.

    I got it to 1 up after hole 15 by doing eagles on 13 and 14 // him seemingly satisfied with birdie'ing for a while...

    He even got one par on 15 allowing my birdie to get me to 1 up.

    Then hole 16 he gets a rising pin eagle -- bringing it back to a tie.

    I managed to win the thing, but it required what would have easily been a solid S performance if this were the course of the day. A performance would have had you out.

    Never have I seen the computer play even close to this.

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    The first revenge character I played went 13 holes. She holed out 5 holes for eagle and had a hole in one. It was really stupid but I won.

    I've only faced 3 I think, the other 2 I won in 3 holes.

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    Played the EG vice-captain (or something like that) the other day and she eagle-chipped 3 straight holes and put me down by 2. Got her in 9 though.

    On the flip-side played a higher-level dude yesterday and took him down in 3 holes so not sure if they made them more difficult.

  4. Default Re: Did they up the difficulty of revenge VS?

    i wouldnt say more difficult but definately more random when you get into revenge vs.. the first one i beat 3 up immediately.. the second one just holed out EVERYTHING to an absurd point and took it to sudden death.. last night i got the fisherman and beat 3 up immediately. unlike the regular vs which as usual seems to step up in difficulty..the revenge vs just seems totally random ..kinda fun actually.. the cpu will either PI everything and really push you.. or just hit random turtles or rabbits all over the least makes it kinda interesting

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    Yeah some are annoying. I lost to race car guy once. Another one i needed 4-5 hole outs to win. Then other ones flat out suck. I think i have 9 chars left to unlock.

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