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Thread: Things that bother me about this version

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    So you're saying a driver should be more accurate than a wedge? Since you want to bring the real life argument backspin is natural result of hitting every single golf shot. Topspin is impossible in golf yet it's about 99.9% accurate on here. Of course I'm assuming all this is with hitting pi. The club argument is weak for 2 reasons. 1) they have no affect on control. 2) if you're hitting pi it shouldn't matter. With the clubs it should be you sacrifice distance for forgiveness or vice versa yet control is irrelevant and power is all that mattters. Your strategy theory gets shot all to hell too when all you need is a 380 yard driver and you just drive every par 4 and hit wedges into par 5s. Sorry if you think the gameplay with this release is "refreshing".

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    They really need to add open course selection to the menu. It's getting old fast waiting for home to load just to get to another open course which needs to load too.

    Also game rooms are half broken at least for me. Players end up duplicating, I ended up looking like someone else's character.

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    With no graded tours, this game is getting boring. And the Daily in this version is just a glorified infinite 'go for your best score', so I don't see the point of it.

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    I only just finally got a decent amount of playing time in this week. I beat grade 7 and hit level 15 last night. 1) Offline its great, except for the bs spray which i am hoping gets reduced. 2) Online for me is a real problem. Didnt see this mentioned much by others the moment i go online for a daily or open play, the lag on my gauge begins to lag so badly sometimes its simply not playable (its stutters once or twice coming back to pi). Never had a problem playing OOB or WI online. Seems to get worse depending on whats going on /how many players are around. I tried a turf war and with more players around me (jp) the worse it seemed to get. I tried going online to a dlc course (got from pre-order). Was nobody around and it seemed fine to play. Hoping this isnt the case for graded tours.
    As for custom clubs.. not sure how i feel about this yet. Will wait to see if the graded tours are seperated. I always felt WI went wrong because it was simply too easy to overpower and drive everything.. this seems to be going same way..hope not.. lots of good to be had tho.. for some odd reason i am hooked on fishing

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