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    So the Japanese Playstation Blog just released some info on the 2 new anniversary courses that are coming to the game as DLC. One is called Green Country Club and is from Hot Shots Golf 1 on Playstation 1. It will sell separately for 540 yen if you did not preorder and will release on September 14. The 2nd course is called Shiosai Country Club and is from Hot Shots Golf 2 on Playstation 1. It will sell for 756 yen if you do not get the season pass and will release on August 31 which is release day in Japan. These prices translate to basically $5 and $6 USD for reference. Both courses look like pretty standard courses, neither of them is particularly special like a desert course or anything. Also there is a new article in Famitsu about the game. It's 8 pages long and it appears that slot mode is coming back in some form. Shihiko is taking a look at the screens to see if there is any new info. The article looks like it mainly goes over the new course in the game. Here is a link to the blog which has a trailer for the courses on it.

    Edit: Damn I didn't see that John Boru had already posted the new info inside of a post about E3. Sorry for the duplication guys.
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    No worries. I tried to edit the thread title but I don't appear to have the authority to do that.

    I felt it was worth flagging up as it is quite big news for the loyal Hot Shots/EG/MinGol stalwarts....

    I'll put the vid in here too, just for added exposure. I really hope Crown or GRex are rebooted and as mentioned in the other thread - Wonder Land C.C. (or Silk Road)

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    never really played hsg1...played alot of 2 what was the name of the us version of this same doesn't sound familiar?

    also so that is 2 there still one more we dont know about from the preorder for a total of 8?

    edit...ah just watched the video looks like the NA version of that course was called balata country club...also still not digging that funny looking patch of grass around each cup on the green...can they fix that?
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    Hort it looks to me like we are getting 10 courses. There are 5 in the main game. Then there are 2 anniversary courses and at least 3 that will be part of the season pass.

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    ok so another 3 we dont have any info on as of yet?

    so if i preorder im getting the 2 anniversary how will we get the rest?

    will there be a season pass to purchase later on?

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    In the U.S. it's not clear yet. We get one of the anniversary courses as a preorder bonus. However we have not seen any info on a season pass for anywhere but Japan. Over there you get the second anniversary course as part of the season pass with at least 3 other courses.

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    Here's a new video showing fishing, multiplayer, and course selection:

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    Nice to see all the options when you choose the course. She made it sound like no premade character though. I wonder what you build to when you get to the versus character?

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