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Thread: Best Option for Purchase Right Now?

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    I'm looking at the Hong Kong PS store where they have a deluxe edition available. The cost (with PS+) is 406.6 Hong Kong Dollars. This translates to roughly $52.18. This includes:
    ・Everybody's Golf (game)
    ・Additional Course Season Pass (3 course worth)
    ・Costume (Cat)
    ・Cart (Premium Type)

    【Reservation & Early Purchase Special Bonus】

    In this package you could get 2 extra courses and 1 extra costume. If you do a U.S. Preorder you only receive one course and one costume. Do you think it would be better to create a Hong Kong ID and buy the deluxe version or Pre Order the US version and buy the additional courses at a later date?

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    Here are the details for the Japan store:
    The game will be available in 5,900 yen standard retail and download editions, as well as a 9,200 yen “All Courses Special Pack” download edition. The standard edition includes the game and a “20th Anniversary Commemoration Course #1” as a pre-order and early purchase bonus. The “All Courses Special Pack” includes the game, “20th Anniversary Commemoration Course #1,” “20th Anniversary Commemoration Course #2,” “Additional Courses Season Pass (Three Courses),” “Kart (Premium Type)” and “Costume (Cat).” All editions also include the “Costume (Rabbit)” as a pre-order and early purchase bonus.

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    If you are based in the U.S. you can get it from Best Buy for $32 if you are a member of their gamers club unlocked program. Not sure how much the extra 4 courses will cost but I don't think it will be anymore $30 for a season pass personally

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    multiple things to consider here. The Hong Kong store in the past has been slow to update for DLC. The deluxe version listed on the Hong Kong store cannot be verified to have everything the other preorder releases have.

    The game comes with 5 courses, the European preorder, Japanese, and American preorder comes with an additional course, the Anniversary Course #1. The Japanese Deluxe version comes with Anniversary Course #1 and Anniversary Course #2. The season pass, is basically prepaying for 3 additional courses at a later date that haven't been announced yet.

    The issue with the Hong Kong release is that both the regular preorder edition and deluxe edition do not name the Anniversary Courses by name, which could be a licensing issue if the game is using courses from other titles not cleared for the Asia region. So at this time there is no confirmation whether or not you are getting the full deluxe or full preorder package from the Hong Kong store. My advice would be to air on the side of caution, and go with the US version of the preorder. After Japan, the US usually gets updated the second fastest, and all the details of the preorder are accurately detailed. You will only be missing out on a single costume going this route, as all the courses mentioned in the package will be available as separate download content anyways..

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    Just wanted to let everyone know I purchased the US version preorder from Amazon. They are currently offering it at $35.49. I also have a prime membership so they were offering an additional discount to $31.99. After tax I paid about $33.50 and it will ship to my place the day it releases. I plan on using that money saved to purchase the additional courses when they are released.

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    That's a good call mustang.

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