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    I didnt see an FAQ, but am sure could find searching - just prefer interaction.

    I have the vita Japanese version, to play online I still need a japan PSN account yes? I think that is the case but not 100%. I see the rules translation, but is there a menu one that could be stickied? Would certainly be helpful to new players

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    If you have the japanese version on cartridge and want to play online you will need a japanese PSN account yes. You can set it up online with chrome and it wll auto translate stuff for you. If you did not buy the cartridge new you will probably have to buy an online pass. Here is a link to Shihiko's Minna Golf site that has great translation stuff if you get stuck.

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    Cool thanks, will give it a shot. Bought new (I think, in back alley shop in China) and it has a code in the case but we shall see if valid.

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    Hmm, think i found my way through the store to enter code for online, but getting invalid code. are the japanese codes / online no longer working or possible my code that came with game already used?

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    The code should still work unless it has already been used. Is it a Japan copy or a Chinese copy?

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