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Thread: Connection error [G-000000]

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    Default Connection error [G-000000]

    Anyone know what this error is and if there is a fix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToxiKent View Post
    Anyone know what this error is and if there is a fix?
    Have a look at an old thread in technical issues,there's been loads of people that have had same problem but to my knowledge it just sorts itself after a while.

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    I have 2 accounts because of this damn error. The only thing that I've personally noticed is that for me it's, at least partially, related to the daily tournament. If I sign into the daily tournament then the G-000000 shows up and I can't log into the lobby. This is again my personal opinion but it has absolutely nothing to do with router, wifi connection, resetting etc. It is only an issue for this game. It only seems to resolve itself by not attempting to sign online for anything for at least a week. It seems to resume working after either the thursday maintence passes or not signing in for a full week or more.

    Hope that helps in some sort of way. It really sucks because I never won a weekly tournament and never will because I just don't play them at all.
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    Default Re: Connection error [G-000000]

    Thanks for your input. It came back on today after 10 days.

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    Well knock on wood but I've never had this error, granted - I don't play the daily very often.
    But I have my ps3 auto log in disabled.
    So this means I always sign in after the game is launched and up and running. Then once I press daily or enter lobby then the sign in screen come up and I click sign in.

    No clue if this makes ANY difference, doesn't make sense but maybe worth a try. Good luck.

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    welp speak of the devil I've been errored for the last week
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