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Thread: Another Tournament?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thranth View Post
    Oh good some drama!!
    Didn't mean to hurt your feelings tg.
    I was just trying to help get this tournament of the ground very much like the last one.
    I know some of these players have had to reset there accounts so I can't tell exact numbers but I don't think any of them have under 100 g0 wins. I could be wrong but at any rate some have hundreds of g0 wins.
    I'm just stating that I think these players are some of the best as the host seemed disappointed as the rest of us (other than starsaber) weren't in his top 5 elite players.

    Let's say I am SUPER biased. What's that got to do with the host or the tournament or the competitors or you?
    No problem buddy, still watched & really enjoyed watching all the matches.
    Great job, & yes I got reset & started over.
    I just play a different style, more like Senidol as I use Grace & play target golf.
    Ask Kdoll, I am not overwhelming, but I am spot on & generally dont produce that
    sloppy golf that I watched as theses Experts sprayed balls all over.
    I would have done well, as I don't count on lucky bouncesjust spot golf.
    When the Big hitters get in trouble, I'm there with my steady -22 as in daily today, no rough +1, Good luck to Kieth as he is leading with the win yesterday

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    Fees and schedule work for me.

    I'd say the field seems it would be bigger than 12 (Could we get 18 maybe? Pretty sure we could) for the round robin.

    As for the seeds, seriously they could go 1-2 like Tal said, and for the 3rd, I mean could we take the best score of the round robin instead of voting from the community? Voting is naturally biased on who you ask, and taking I for example haven't played for a long time so I don't even know half the guys. Let's not lose our time voting for the 3rd seed and just get the top round robin, and then 1-2 from last tournament winner.

    If goes up to 18 players, could do 4 pools instead of 3, just as you put them with 4th seed decided the same way.

    What'ch all think? Let's not get caught up in the details, just have fun between some good players, is all :-)

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    How are we looking? Any updates, tal?

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    Ok guys, lets give it a shot and see if we can find 15 people. Registration is officially open. Before you register please take a moment read the following FAQ:

    How much does it cost to enter?
    $20 USD, or $26 CAD.

    When do I pay my fee?
    After I have verified all 15 contestants, I will give you a link to send the money to my PayPal.

    What is the prize structure?
    I am taking $100 of the prize pool to pay for an improved internet package for the month, the rest goes to the winner.

    Can anyone register for the tournament?
    No. this event is only open to G0 players.

    If I register, am I guaranteed a spot?
    No. If there is more than 15 applicants, I will chose who participates. If I am unfamiliar with your ID, I will ask around to make sure your not a troll.

    How does the Offline Qualifier work?
    After everyone has been verified, I will post the matchups here and on my site. It is up to you to schedule play the match within the stated time frame and report the result (with evidence of some kind). The match is a best of 1 played on Leg LT. (Obviously these matches will not be broadcast)

    How does course selection work for the group stage?
    Everyone in the group will get to VETO one course. The chosen course will be randomly selected from the remainder.

    How does course selection work for the Championship Match?
    Each player will choose a course. The courses will be played in random order and the winner will be based on aggregate score after 3 rounds. Duplicate courses are permitted.

    Is there any flexibility on scheduling? What if I can make every time slot but one, is that ok?
    Nope. Scheduling was a major pain last time and to avoid that all together the times are arbitrary. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNAMENT IF YOU CANNOT MAKE ALL OF THE STATED MATCH TIMES.

    How will the seeding work?
    Basically if Thranth and or Mr_Skitch register, they will automatically be seeded into the group stage. If they do not enter, those slots will be determined by additional offline qualifier matches. The 3rd seed will be chosen by me (to make things easier). I will base my selection off of the following criteria: How well did you do in the CCI? How active have you been in WI? How good do I perceive you to be? I know its not perfect, but honestly I am pretty unbiased and just want to see the best play possible.

    With all that said, here is the updated info. I've had to move everything back a week so please note the times. To register click on the PC Registration page and submit your info. By registering you are saying that you are able and willing to pay the registration fee and that you are able to make any time within the overall schedule. I will let everyone know as soon as we have 15 verified participants. If we do not have 15 people by the 20th of Feb, then the tournament will not run. Lets see what happens!

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    I'll double check that work hopefully doesn't conflict for me. Should know by wed/thurs.
    Titleist 690 MB Bladez Sucka

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    Can you post a tentative schedule? We have people in a lot of different time zones with different schedules. Will it be evenings eastern time zone? Weekends?

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    Nevermind I read the link

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    I'm in. I was debating a bit, because I haven't been playing at all lately. This format seems fun though. Tal is the man!! The 3 byes should be: 1st in CCI, 2nd in CCI, and Tal!!

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    Cool! Let's do it :-)

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    Hey guys! Good to see the great Skitch is alive and well lol... remember to sign up through the website registration link!



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