Practice makes perfect. So thus in golf. There are different practice drills in golf that will help your skills up the ante. Such drills are very easy to do and some can be done at home. With dedication and lots of practice these drills will make you good to better in no time. The following drills are designed to teach you related concepts and help you get the most out of your practice time. Each drill is designed to improve your golf swing mechanics and/or give you an idea about the swing itself, putting, driving and pitching.

Baseball Swing Drill
Baseball swing drill is a swing acceleration drill.
Stand erect and make several baseball-type swings with your golf club.
Notice the wrist and arm action.
Continue to swing as you bend over once you have reached the golf swing position.

Basic Golf Swing Drill

A good way to learn to swing a golf club. This drill provide you with opportunities that allow you to coordinate your arm swing with your body movement.
Take your address position and place the palms of your hands together.
Swing arms back with body turn.
Two thumbs up in line with shoulder tilt.
Turn and swing arms forward with body turn.
Two thumbs up in line with shoulder tilt.

Grass-cutting Drill
This drill is a nonstop swinging drill that helps you coordinate the timing of your arms, hands, and body when making the swinging motion. Your hands and arms swing the club as your body pivots.
Imagine that you are cutting grass with the clubhead.
Let the club swing back and forth without stopping. Make sure you complete the whole swing each time.

One-and-two Drill
The golf swing is one continuous and rhythmic movement that starts smoothly back, changes direction at the top, and then speeds up gradually to the finish/ the complete swing lasts from 2 to 3 seconds.
You can swing at different tempos but you must always keep your swing in rhythm.

One-hand Putting Drill
One-hand putting drill will teach you to release the putter head properly and restore hand-eye coordination because you tend to forget putting mechanics and simply stroke it to the hole.

Pitch Drill
Pitch drill for those struggling to pitch in the air
Put your left hand in your pocket and swing the wedge with your right arm only.
Feel the clubhead pass your hand as it bottoms out.
Pretend you’re on a putting green and hit the pitch.
Avoid taking a divot by properly using the bounce. Practice on a patch of closely mowed turf on your range.

Feet Together Drill
This drill improve timing, reduces swaying due to narrowed balance point, and promote good swing mechanics.
With feet together, an inch or 2 inches apart practice hitting the ball.
Swing slowly and concentrate on making solid contact with the ball.
Practice until you can hit a consistently good shot with your preferred tempo and rhythm.

Whoosh Drill
The whoosh drill is an acceleration drill that helps you hit the ball longer. The whoosh sound will give you the feedback on the speed of your swing upon impact.
Turn the club upside down and grip below the clubhead (shaft). Produce a swing and listen to the whoosh sound at the bottom of the swing or impact area. The louder the whoosh, the faster your swing.

Repeat the whoosh drill with the club in the normal golf swing position. Focus on hearing the club accelerate at the bottom of the golf swing.