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Thread: Tokyo Game Show Hot Shots info

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    I was looking for it on PSNow.
    Didn't realize it was released on PS2 classics.
    Been playing it after a cool driving session on Drive Club.
    So glad I got a PS4 , so awesome , now with 4.0 firmware & folders.
    I need another controller now so we can play 2 player on my 75" Sammy.
    Got app for PSNow on TV, but lag makes it unplayabe , same on PS4.

    Tennis is awesome fun & easy to learn, love all the familiar Rabbits, turtles
    & skulls, classic & great games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BGunner View Post
    On the bright side, we have another year, at the very minimum, of this game and Glenn's trolling of G0 tournaments by using every second of the clock, good times!

    Brush up on your Japanese, get your google translate app installed, and hope there will be a physical disc version of the japanese release because any chance of playing a new HSG iteration in 2017 will require playing the japanese version. BTW at peak times, there are still easily 1000 people on the minna 6 server.
    Having not been online for so long, what is the Glenn situation?

    Does he still use multiple accounts to cheat the Dailies? Does anyone talk to him? Surely, if he is cheating/trolling, would it not be better to just withdraw en masse from G0 tournaments when he enters them...

    The ranking side of this title was poor compared to OOB, I am surprised people are still bothering with the tournaments at all. Gamerooms were the only thing that kept me playing WI as Clap Hanz did a terrible job of keeping people motivated otherwise.

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    There is a interview with the developers for the New Minna No Golf on the Japanese PS Blog site. Here's the link:

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    Ok, obviously this is Glenn, and here we are again. Let me ask you something, is there an alternate definition for troll? I'm just wondering because I haven't posted on this site for over a year but you all keep bringing up my name in disparaging ways, so who exactly is the troll? Now we all know the agenda at this website. Ban and tell lies about people who don't conform to your way of thinking/playing, so I'm fully aware that one of two things will happen, just like last time. First, my rebuttal will be deleted. Second, if my rebuttal isn't deleted, I will be banned, and you all will use this post to publicly shame/clown me because I won't have a way to defend myself against your onslaught. So with that fully understood I will continue with the hopes that somebody, anybody, will read this and understand that there are two sides to every story. I am not blameless, I have done and continue to do wrong in most of your eyes. But to be fair, this game is mine, and I'll play it how I choose, if you have issues with how I play my game I'd suggest you take it up with clap hanz and stop harassing me. To be fair, I've been nice, Sony has changed the way they deal with people who harass, and cursing at me in tours falls under the new scope of harassment. I do have multiple pictures of people telling me to kill myself and pictures of people telling me they will come to my home and kill me. Rape my wife and young daughter was also mentioned, which I have proof. So I understand that you all take this game very seriously and we all go overboard, but what some of you have been doing has crossed the line. When I play a tour and I'm getting bombarded with hate I do take every second to piss you off like you are doing to me, childish, yep, but leave me be and I'll leave you be, it's that simple. I have other games that I play simultaneously on the PS4/Xbox one so I really could play every single GO tour if I chose, so again, leave me be, I'm being nice. And about the weekly tournament, please, there's 100 guys tops that still play this game and I'm being generous, but somehow there's 750 participants in the weekly, so quit calling me out for something a heck of a lot of people do. Lastly, When I got banned from here last time for speaking my mind and defending myself I thought there was a deal between this website and me to leave each other alone, but this website hasn't lived up to its side of the bargain, I'll ask you one last time to live up to your side and delete the posts that are obviously attacking me, thanks!
    Last edited by Enough; 09-15-2016 at 11:01 AM.

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    Default Re: Tokyo Game Show Hot Shots info

    Getting caught in the snare of a troll is far more egregious than being a troll.

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    Glenn if people are threatening to rape you I'd like to see that proof. I've have seen and participated in calling you a cheat and a troll but I have never seen anyone go that far. Pretty much the worst thing I have seen go on is people saying how sad you are for doing this. I have never ever seen anything violent. As far as there being 100 people playing and 750 in the weekly meaning that everyone is doing this you are just wrong. If someone plays 1 or 2 days of a weekly tourney they still show up as a participant. That is why the weekly numbers are so high. The vast majority only play once or maybe twice if they are doing PS3 and Vita. There are not 100 people playing 7 times, nice try though.

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    This is why debating you is fruitless kdoll, I never said 100 people played 7 different accounts, simply stated that there are many doing that, you play twice, the whole thing is skewed, talk to clap hanz

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    Default Re: Tokyo Game Show Hot Shots info

    And move on. I'll let it slide for now, providing there is no more.

    Love the use of egregious though. What a word. Kudos

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdoll08 View Post
    You could always just buy the digital version BGunner. That's what I have done the last few releases. It's easy to setup a Japanese account with something like google chrome. Then you just add the ID to your PS4 and you can play anything you buy on your US account. As a bonus buying a Japan PSN point card is pretty easy now with places like Play Asia and They aren't even that expensive because the exchange rate is favorable right now. A 5000 yen card on Japan Codes right now is $57 and play asia is only $54 and they are digitally delivered. The current exchange rate would make 5000 yen $49 so only a $8 or $5 markup. That's a lot better than you are likely to find the markup on the disc version of the game.
    Yes, it obviously can be done, buying the digital verson, it's just way easier to get a physical disc for Japanese titles. No dealing with the code procurement and blindly navigaing the store to find the title.

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    Speaking of the New HSG, has anything been revealed about the server status? People saying its gonna be one server, but I have yet to find any info on the subject. The floor demo days are Friday and Saturday I believe. Maybe if anyone goes they can hit them boys up on it. One server would be fun. Demoralizing, but fun nonetheless. I'm not holding my breathe though.

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