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Thread: Quick opinion poll

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    Lately I have been at odds with a couple of people over said cheating device, so I must wonder if I perhaps have an error in my judgement. Not only does it auto pi but from what I learned tonight it can vary tilt EXACTLY on ps3s. Meaning you can tilt 331 to a 356 with kat etc (varies with every golfer you choose of course) depending exactly what you want. Need 347? guess what somehow you can dial it in. Which begs the question

    Is having auto pi cheating?

    Choice 1: Yeah I think driving every driveable par 4 automatically and being able to tilt EXACTLY is cheating, what a stupid question!!!

    Or is it your God given right?

    Choice 2: Yeah this game is too hard. g0s are robots this is the great equalizer and besides I have no self respect anyway.

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    What is this device called and where can I get one. I also want people to admire my skills even though I don't have any.

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    Lol Kent,choice 1.but more so if you can still use triangle or circle,with the auto pi in the game when you play crappy slots or a auto tour you can't use circle or triangle,I use max all the time and majority of drivable par4s are 98% or 95% with tilt so if I couldn't use circle or square it would be useless to me.

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    If the game wants you to be a g1 or g2 then deal with it. Auto pi is cheating. Quitting tours and not taking credit for the loss is cheating.

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    Yeah that's cheating for sure. I used to feel bad for Glenn and think it was ok because he claimed he was disabled. But last I heard he wasn't actually disabled. That was back when he couldn't use the tilt. Now he can and you can see the improvement in how many names he has on the daily leaderboard. Hawaii50 I didn't know you could quit a tour and it not count against you. Did something change? I was under the impression that did count against your 5 tours or whatever the number is.

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    It's cheating, plain and simple, but I feel sorry for people that feel they need to do that to "compete" or just feel better about themselves.

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    Sure, it's cheating in the classic sense and pretty ridiculous to keep playing with it after a while. I mean, what's the point......

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    I don't think Glenn is cheating I think it's pretty clear that he is (and it has to be said rather successfully) trolling. The only solution is to shut down the interweb

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    Choice 1. This Glenn person is terrible and he's ruining the G0 tours. Hopefully he gets bored soon. It can't be enjoyable to win when you really didn't earn it.

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