I am 19 years old and I have been playing hot shots ever since I was 2. I watched the series develop from a pixelated and chunky game to the smooth playing game it is now. I played the game with my family - my brother and father, it was a bonding experience. It seems that with everyone I've spoken with about it that it's unanimous... Hot Shots started going downhill after HSGF!.

There needs to be a Hot Shots game that combines all the best qualities of both the newer and the older games. I'll list some strengths and flaws:

The best game out of the series is by far "HSG Fore!" with "HSG 3" trailing by only trick-shots and items. The reason for this is both games are more round than the latter or previous titles, they have a signature feel to them that the others just don't. In these games that aren't focused on as much as bigger titles, the main thing they always seem to forget is the soundtrack. Hot Shots Golf 3 and Fore both had soundtracks that are deep in depth, not just simple future-esque jingles that are annoying and sound like they belong on WiiSports or a Toyota commercial. "Out Of Bounds" was terrible about this, at times it felt as if I was playing Wii Golf just because of the soundtrack. While I mention it, the developers need to quit focusing on this "future-esque", "hotel lobby", "go with the flow" like theme - they fall back on it too often because the game is often brought to a new system and they're trying to give it a "techno savvy" feel.
Next thing that has destroyed this series big time is the roster shift. The roster on all the games past "HSG Fore!" pretty much sucks. The characters from the two games from both 3 and Fore are rich in character in general. They all have a theme to them, some of them embody certain aspects of different culture - it was conveyed through the character. Z was an android with magnet hands who shot twin barrel plasma cannons out of his sternum and ironically his initial selection phrase was "uncontrollable nausea?". Toni was an Italian gangster turned golfer in his retirement who seemed like he'd gotten just a little too good at the game - the cultural quirky influence of the character is strong and it gives off a certain roundness to the game overall. The most interesting character to come out of the sequels past "Fore!" is Kratos and he's not even an original character, he's DLC AND from another game altogether - not of HSG creation. The old roster should make a comeback, if not that, they should be available as DLC. All of them. From Allan to Zeus. And bring back Blue. Seriously, that guy was interesting.

Hot Shots Golf Fore! Was the best title in the series. Fore had a fantastic soundtrack complete with great courses, upgradable clubs, cameo caddies and characters, a bigger roster and better physics system. The tournaments got tiresome, but there was some fun to all of it, most of it being backed by VS Mode and character unlocking playing a role in the fun. What makes this game better than HSG 3 isn't all of this however, it has weaknesses as well. It's main weakness being 3's strength - HSG Fore lacks a real story initiative. The biggest cutscene in the whole game was most likely used for the trailer and was themed to music. What made this game better to me was very minute and something I only depend on for my style of playing, if not for my style, 3 would be my choice just because of how signature it is. What makes Fore better is trick shots. I can't begin to explain how much more fun Fore was just because of the ability to send a ball flying a mile in the air by hitting down at the right time. Other than that and the added items and such, 3 was better. Why?

Because story. That's why. HSG 3 had certain cutscenes that were triggered by defeating certain characters. Granted they weren't very long and didn't tell you a whole lot about what was going on, at least they conveyed that SOMETHING WAS HAPPENING. There is literally no story oriented golf game out there that I can think of. Come on guys, this is a no brainer. I see articles all the time on bing about the "dying video game golf genre" and it baffles me as to how it could be dying when not a single golf game developer has once used the traditional blueprint for a game. The only one I've seen that had any promise was HSG 3 with the character intros on Louise, T-Bone and Blue, other than that - nothing. It's really right there in front of your face.

When I was a kid and I played Hot Shots for the first time, what interested me? The colors, the characters, the music, the courses, the clubs - it was interesting! HSG OB and OT are both too "wiisports-esque". They're too commercial and not enough character. If the good games in the series being 3 and Fore were ribeye steak, the latter games would be cube steak. If 3 and Fore were top shelf liquor that everyone loves, then the sequels would be the watered down liquor you get at a crappy bar. The new characters suck, the new music is sub-par at best - the courses aren't half bad, but without the music to give them the feel they need, they suck too. Never underestimate the sound.

Think some of the most memorable characters in history. You can talk about Scarface all day, but until you hear the words "say hello to my little friend" followed by the haunting theme behind it, you just don't feel it. You can get the crowd to chant "undertaker" all day, but until you hear that gong/bell - you don't hear the crowd roar. You can talk The Godfather all day, but what do you think of? Those Trumpets, the brass sets the mood for the whole movie/movies.

It's 2016 and with Invitational out the way, Hot Shots Golf needs a new direction - or rather a familiar one, a nostalgic one. What's that old saying? "Out with the old; in with the new". Whoever said that was an idiot. It's been over 10 years since the release of the two signature games in the series, it's about time to fall back on some of the classic stuff. I say bring back some characters and courses in full HD on the new console. I say add some story aspect to VS Mode, even if it's minute like in 3, souly because people aren't expecting too much. Add some cutscenes, revamp some features - don't change too much for those of us who like the classic feel. The main problem with the newer Hot Shots games is they focus entirely too much on realism. Of of Hot Shots' best and most addicting features is just how practical and entertaining it is in that sense. When I played 3 and Fore with my family, it wasn't like it is now. With those two you never really knew what could've or would've happened in either a tournament or VS Mode and that gave the game another strength. Things are a little more predictable nowadays with the new features and what not - the advanced shots make gameplay so complex that it makes OB bland.

You've got the classic thing running for the series that it's time to bring back. Add character creation to the new game (something gotten right from OT) and some interesting new characters along with some old characters, bring back the classic music and courses and revamp them. Anything that can make a returning fan feel nostalgic - throw it in there, even if it's that annoying plane on the par 5 in the best 2 games in the series. Bring back the Hot Shots we know and love! Make a complete Hot Shots with a combination of all HSG games in it. Call it Hot Shots Golf! And make it for PS4 and XBOX One. Don't worry about the name, NFSMW was a duplicate name and was simply referred to as "the new one" by anybody I ever knew.

Anyway, enough rambling. Any ideas? I think so.