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Thread: Saint Patrick's one try tournament

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    Default Saint Patrick's one try tournament

    Ok, lol, let's try this again, sign ups are below, I'll make the rules after sign ups have ended, but they will be similar to the last tournament. If you're interested let me know, it will start on saint Patrick's day and go for 3 or four weeks depending on the number of entries.

    Entry deadline is March 15th
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    Default Re: Saint Patrick's one try tournament

    Rules and info


    This is a one try one on one tournament, that, depending on the amount of entries can go for as much as two or three months, or as little as three weeks

    You will be paired up with an opponent every Monday morning and have a week to get together and play your round, all rounds are 18 hole one on one competitions, there are no second tries, if you lose you're out, but there is another way in to the finals for one lucky loser, that will be discussed later in this post.

    If you disconnect for any reason, too bad, so sad you lose, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to deal with figuring out everyone's problems, you disconnect you're gone.

    After your 18 hole stroke game please post your results on the thread, unless it's the finals, in the finals please text me the results so I can post first, and then you can post as you wish. Feel free to tell us details about your matches, and always be a good sport, we all know it sucks to lose, so no bad winners or losers will be tolerated.


    I make the pairings, it's my job. Pairings will be listed every Monday morning, New York time, and will remain open until Sunday at midnight, New York time. No exceptions, no deviations.

    This is difficult because the game only allows vita play vita and PS3 play PS3, so I have to tweak it sometimes, you might think this is unfair, you're right, it is, but it's all we got, and we don't have a choice.

    When you get your pairing, either text message through this site, or the PS3 or vita, or post on the thread your availability to your opponent, if there is a problem pairing, it's better for me to know you're trying, if I think your not, I might rule against you, don't let that happen.

    If there is a "problem" pairing, meaning, you can't get together with your opponent, or you have vastly different schedules, then let me know, and in that unfortunate situation, I will play with the PS3 players (I'm on a lot) and I will choose someone to play with the Vita person, same rules, one try, and your score and shot points will tell who the victor is. That is not how I want to play this, so let's make every effort to be available.

    Losers bracket

    When you lose, don't dispair, on the week after the semi finals, there will be a losers tournament. This tournament will be new real style, 18 hole, and the overall winner of that tournament will get a spot in the finals.

    More details about logistics to come, but you get the idea for now.
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    Default Re: Saint Patrick's one try tournament

    Saved for leaderboard

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    Default Re: Saint Patrick's one try tournament

    Tournament Golfers

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    Default Re: Saint Patrick's one try tournament

    Count me in. I'll try to arrange better meeting times with those across the pond if need be

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    I'm down, I have the vita and ps3.

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    Default Re: Saint Patrick's one try tournament

    I'm in for PS3 or vita. No preference this time. I seem to be enjoying PS3 more lately.

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    Default Re: Saint Patrick's one try tournament

    Sign me up plz.

    And fair play to you for going straight at it.

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    Default Re: Saint Patrick's one try tournament

    Ok we've got 5 people so far, as far as I'm concerned, 8 makes a game, hopefully more than that though, where's thranth and 5-0? and Ninja, sign up already Marrow, Miill, Eskimo, Cj, Windpour, Rustbelt, what are ya waiting for?

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    Sign me up, I'm ready for the sequel....Ninjas Revenge :0

    That wildcard game idea sounded good as well. Maybe a real tournament for those knocked out like you mentioned as a another chance to make the final.

    Whatever it is i'll be in.

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