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Thread: Didn't know where to ask this but...

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    Default Didn't know where to ask this but...

    How do you post you tube videos here? I tried and tried and all I get is the link. Please help, thanks.

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    Just cut and paste the url here (as I did above) and make sure you have the top two boxes checked in the 'Miscellaneous Options' section (after you click 'post reply' not the quick reply option).
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    Ok, so you do have to post a link, and it can't be just the player? I saw somewhere on this site that it was just a player, but maybe that was then and now you can't do that. Kind of a bummer, because it takes away from the joke if you have to click a link, I was going to post something funny, but the link just won't do. Thanks for the help, I'm kindof bummed with the answer though.

    Edit: yea I just looked and under the videos tab there are players, but maybe since google took over its not allowed or something, I don't know, but that makes the joke a lot funnier, wait a minute, I can do it on other forums, maybe this one don't allow it, on others you just do

    [Youtube] [\Youtube] and the stuff works, be nice if we could do it here, just sayin
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