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Thread: Never played, worth getting?

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    My HSG addiction began with Fore! but having never owned a PS3 until this year i missed the online days of HSG OoB and picked up World Invitational.

    So I'm wondering is it worth picking up the OoB Complete Collection if only for the single player experience?

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    isn't it 25 bucks? i don't know about that. i would think that you could pick up a used copy at the store for $10 instead. worth $10 without the online aspect, but probably not worth $25.
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    I've read that it's impossible to get any dlc for physical copies due a needed update and the server shutdown so i figured the psn version would be the best option. Price isn't really an issue.

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    In mine opinion OOB was superior compared to W(hack)I(t), so yeah definitely worth playing even in offline modus.
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    The OoB vets seem to really hate WI. What did OoB do right and where did WI fall short?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RawkinJawsh View Post
    The OoB vets seem to really hate WI. What did OoB do right and where did WI fall short?
    Engine wise Out of Bounds and World Invitational are pretty much a wash. Out of Bounds did some things better, while World Invitational also does some things better.

    From a balance perspective Out of Bounds was designed much better. The courses were designed around all three brackets (novice/intermediate/expert) The courses had adjoining holes that made for a much better experience overall. World Invitational has very mundane courses that are very similar and very linear. The DLC Mar Cielo is a good course though. Legacy could have been a good course if the par 5's were balanced better for intermediate and novice characters.

    Out of Bounds balanced the engine around Control and Spin, the player had overall more control of ball flight, but more random variables tried to offset this. World Invitational balanced the game around Distance, less control for the player, but more power to overwhelm courses. Out of Bounds 1.0 vs. World Invitational 1.0 played very closely to one another in terms of balance, but DLC in World Invitational obliterated the balance of the game making it almost comical, while Out of Bound maintained balance throughout most of its lifespan.

    As far as online play is concerned Out of Bounds had a rough start, but was fixed fairly early on to have a consistent tour schedule with large game blocks (40 games). World Invitational did not have graded tours at release, once they were released the schedule remained horrible, by the time graded tours made their way to the International server DLC had already ruined the game balance. The most competitive period for World Invitational was actually when there were only GF tours, before DLC. The schedule on the international server still remains horribly to date, often times it is hard to find consecutive tours to play. The addition of daily tournaments was nice, but not enough to offset the cost of leaderboards, or post G0 awards. (level 17-20)

    As a whole, the late life of Out of Bounds was handled poorly by Clap Hanz. They spent time implementing the PlayStation move instead of increasing game longevity, while breaking things in the process. They continued this line of thought by making the release of World Invitational for an unproven Vita system, trying to implement free camera and touch screen features into the game. It is pretty obvious when you play World Invitational that more time could have spent on course design and overall game balance, Clap Hanz had exceedingly high expectations for World Invitational and the Vita that ended up falling way short. Which probably directly lead to need for egregious abuse of DLC. It will be interesting to see if they get back to their core game design for Hot Shots Golf 7, or will continue to try and innovate at the cost of game play. Clap Hanz has also made it blatantly clear that they have no idea how to balance online play, or how to give players incentives to keep playing tours.

    TLDR Version.

    Quality of Game Engines: Out of Bounds vs World Invitational = Even
    Mechanical Input: Out of Bounds vs World Invitational = World Invitational
    Courses: Out of Bounds vs World Invitational= Out of Bounds
    Online: Out of Bounds vs World Invitational= Out of Bounds
    Game Balance: Out of Bounds vs World Invitational = Out of Bounds

    Basically Out of Bounds vs World Invitational were pretty close to one another in terms of overall balance in their original iterations. While Out of Bounds still maintains great game balance even today, World Invitational expectations got completely obliterated with abuse of DLC, and the failure to fix online play in a reasonable time frame. The current version of World Invitational with all DLC installed is arguably the worst game of the entire series. The game had potential but basically mutated into some deformed version of its former self and is no longer playable.

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    So to answer the thread question, is buying Out of Bounds worth it? Yes. It is no longer an online game though so keep that in mind. Is buying World Invitational worth it? Only if you play without the DLC.

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    is it worth getting? the question is relative to each individual. the only way of knowing is to buy the game, play it and then decide if your money was well spent.

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