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    Just found this! I haven't played in a few years. My favorite game was Hot Shots 3. I played for many years and just couldn't ever play another golf game.

    I have a few questions if anyone can help. Firstly, is it possible to play any tournaments against other players using the hot shots 3 format? Is or was there ever an all time greats leaderboard for HSG 3? I would enjoy matching up my old scores against others. Can I post videos of great shots?

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    You can probably play HSG3 against other folks, but only if you invite them round your house. It's a shame you missed 5, as that was a cracker. I'm inclined to say don't bother with 6 unless you have a real burning desire to play golf online (the suggestion being that it's better than Tiger), and wait for 7, whenever that may be.

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    Ughhhh that's a drag to hear!! I stuck with HSG3 for so many years. My stats are crazy. I played the new ones recently and just did not like them. There isn't any amount of technology to introvert characters from an older game with same swing controls into a newer game? Is there any way to make this a suggestion to the game creators?? Maybe an All stars HSG game replicating any character and the same swing controls?

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    you can make suggestions but most likely they will end up in the cylindrical file.

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    Welcome. HSG 6 (World Invitational) still has online community. You can get the game quite cheap nowadays.

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