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Thread: What update is Mingol No Golf 6 on now?

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    Default What update is Mingol No Golf 6 on now?

    Since Shihiko doesn't go on his site anymore and let us know what is going on, what update is Japans version of WI on right now? and what was it that they got from that update?

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    Default Re: What update is Mingol No Golf 6 on now?

    I've played Minna this morning for a long time and it updated the game to 1.17 (PS3)

    Game is now definitetly ruined with lvl6 clubs and common 400+ drives
    Best improvement is the shorter waiting times between holes, but thats been there for a while. For me though it was the first time playing with that.
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    LVL 6 clubs didn't ruin the game, the rare costumes did. If you get a 7-star costume for a novice - all of their stats are S's and base drive with lvl 6 BM/BA is about 330 yds - meaning even with a novice a large majority of the holes become driveable. Base drives with experts with 7-star costume and same clubs is 349 yds but they don't have all S grades in every category. I haven't seen a par 5 ace, but there are several par 5's that are driveable in one as well. It's a completely different game over there now. I tried to even podium without ponying up for more Japanese PSN credits for the rare costumes for about a month and couldn't in G0,G1, and G2 - can't compete without the nerfed stats eveyone else is using which means add about $30-40 of PSN money to hang with the big cats (the costumes are a slot machine so you need to buy tickets/chances to get the costumes, I bought 10 tix and finally got a 7 star gloria, DLC characters do not have rare costumes - Kat, Kazuma, Toro, Toro's life partner, and Pacman ).

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