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Thread: HSG WI Connection Error

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    i love when connection errors happen when i am trying to play the daily...then when i try to reconnect it tells me i have already played this daily...lame

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMcConn View Post
    The frustration continues. Day 6 of no ability to play daily tourney or enter lobbies. I got a new router. I checked all the network ports required by PSN. No help. I reset my PS3 settings, reset my internet connection, same problem. I can play online in other games and played HSG online for over a year with no problems. What could possibly be causing this?
    I seem to be havi the same issues as you and I have not been able to play this game online for over two weeks. Doesn't make sense to be able to play online to not being able to play and nothing has changed, but meanwhile all my other games that have online play work just fine. I shouldn't have to reset my router or figure out some DNS or DNLA protocol. I just want to play like I used to!

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    I'm also now going through the dreaded G-000000 error. Did this resolve itself or is it just "play around with your modem till it works" time. Hopefully I'll exit purgatory soon.
    Titleist 690 MB Bladez Sucka

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    I am going through this same error right now. Have tried everything listed, but can't sign in to either Daily Tourneys or the lobby. Is anyone else having issues with this? Does anyone know how to fix it?

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    Send a message to yankalakes because he was going through all sorts trouble a few months back,he may be able to help,like the others said keep resetting router,must be very frustraighting tho

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    I'd give advice, but sadly my 3 crashed after the 4.75 update, and I haven't been able to turn it on since. Holding back the tears.

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    Hort22 if you get the connection error after selecting on entry, it should ask if you would like to try again, select no instead of yes. This just takes you back to the entry select screen, where you can try entry from there. I haven't had to do this in some time, but it worked for me in the past (everytime), maybe selecting yes does something like doubles your entry. It also worked for my brother, his was hit and miss on if he backed out or hit yes. They may have fixed this with a patch, like I said I haven't had to do it in a long time, but it did work.

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    Well I am FINALLY back online. It turned out that my problem was my router was too old. Got a new one and I'm back! Now if only I could enter a G3 tour that has people in it.

    Also in regards to my problem, looking at my settings I was only downloading about 4mbps which just wasn't enough. But mainly I think my router's signal was timing out. My router was probably at least 3 years old. Working, but just not up to par with today's speed.

    If you were able to get on before and this is a new issue, you may want to contact your ISP and make sure there is not a signal issue. I did this first, and doubled my speed, which was better and I was then able to get online, I just could not stay online due to the signal interruptions.

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    Hi all,

    a couple weeks ago i bought Hsg WI and yesterday i got G-000000 error since then i can't get online with my main account which really sucks i have looked online for a solution but to be honest it seems like no one knows any solution.
    So i hope anyone who had the same problem can explain what to do.
    Strange part is yesterday i've added my old account and from that account on the same ps3 i can play online only i have to do all the challenges again and im G3 which really suck.
    So if anyone knows more about a solution that would be great.

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    can't play dailies ether or enter lobby. intermitnate issue think may be they working on it? my speed averages 6 mps so don't think is the issue. think it was in an update they did.oh well.hi all hope for new golf on the ps4 soon.
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