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    Hi guys i bought a 3D tv Sony and i got a problem playin HSG when i desable 3D option on my TV the game is still beeng on 3D and gets really slowmotion and lagy.How can i turn that 3D off?

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    I think you start a round (or in the lobby) and click on left analog (or right analog) and a meter shows up... which you can adjust down to zero to remove 3D.

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    Hey bob, you need to disable the 3D for the PS3 in the XMB. Keep in mind that this will completely disable the 3D capabilities until you re-enable them:
    Go into your PS3 settings and find video output. Then find the option that lets you determine the screen resolution of the TV that you are connected to. To have 3D disabled, use the manual detection mode. This will keep the PS3 from detecting that your TV is 3D capable. To re-enable it, just let it automatically detect your television. I have to do this with my TV as OOB is almost completely unplayable with 3D activated because even if you have the 'depth' set to minimum, the PS3 is still drawing two images per frame, which is what causes the lag and your impact circle to be buried halfway into the dirt.
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    Thank you m8 i got it this time.Thank you for helpin out

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    Sounds like the 3D feature is more of a hindrance than a benefit.
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