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Thread: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores (Vita)

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    This may only work for me but since I started live-streaming about two months ago, I have turned the volume down on my tv/amp to almost zero as I am using a webcam to record both images of me and the inbuilt mic on it to pick up my voice.

    I do this as I do not want an echo, with game sound being recorded directly through my capture device and a fraction of a second later through the webcam....

    However, what I have found is that my PI percentages have shot up since playing the game with virtually no sound. I have a feeling I am concentrating more on the visuals (obviously) and that seems to manifest itself with greater accuracy.

    It did take a little getting used to and I sometimes miss the ambient game sounds - although I never played with the music or caddy on anyway.

    Give it a go... it may work for you too.

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    Been playing with no sound since my son was born 2 1/2 years ago. Don't recall it making a difference for my PI, but good for you if it's helping out.

    What I did notice in OOB was trouble putting, as I used the beeps to gauge distance. After a bit that got better and I think my putting in WI is better for it.

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