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Thread: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores (Vita)

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    Default Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores (Vita)

    Welcome to Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores. Here I will be discussing and sharing information on Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, also known as Minna no Golf 6, and Everbody's Golf 6. With this title being the first game on the PlayStation Vita there will be a lot of information that I will cover here. I'll try to do my best to include tips for all skills levels. For right now also note I will be mostly covering the Circle Shot Type.

    [Table of Contents]

    -Character Stats. What do they do? (BG01)

    • Distance
    • Control
    • Impact
    • Spin
    • Sidespin
    • Power
    • Loyalty
    • Fade/Draw
    • Trajectory
    • Positive and Negative attributes.

    -On Course User Interface. (BG02)

    • Club Distance
    • Remaining Distance
    • Available Power Shots
    • Impact
    • Power Gauge
    • Directional Cone
    • Lie
    • Sidespin
    • Spin
    • Slope
    • Uphill/Downhill
    • Wind

    -The Shot Types, and Specials. (BG03)

    • Legend
    • No Spin Shot
    • The 3 Foundation Spin Shots
    • The 3 Super Spin Shots
    • The 2 Super Spin Combo Shots
    • The 2 Foundation Combo Shots
    • The Foundation + Super Spin Combo Shots
    • Specials
    • Shot Abbreviations

    -Learning Mechanical and Analytical Skills. (BG04)

    • Basic Mechanical Skills to Master
    • Basic Analytical Skills to Master
    • Advanced Mechanical Skills to Master
    • Advanced Analytical Skills to Master
    • Mechanical Skill Training

    -Choosing a Character and Arsenal. (BG05)

    • Selecting a Character
    • Loyalty
    • Strongest Character Setups
    • Data Collection and Information

    Character Stats. What do they do? (BG01)

    Distance: This stat directly controls how far you can hit the ball with each club. Keep in mind that increasing this stat will also increase the required percentages to activate some super spins, effectively acting similar to the Spin stat.

    This stat widens and decreases the Directional Cone (see section BG02 for me info.) The higher your Control stat the less directional spray you will get at impact. The ball can spray left, right, up, and down.

    Impact: This stat directly effects the margin of error allowed while missing Perfect Impact. The higher the stat the farther away from Perfect Impact you can be without hitting a Rabbit or Turtle shot.

    This stat effects ball spin, and directly effects character Trajectory. The higher the stat the more spin a character can put on the ball, and if you meet the breakpoints it can change a low trajectory to medium or to a high.

    This stat effects how large of an arc the ball will make when using Sidespin shots. The higher the stat the farther left and right the ball flies. Higher Sidespin means less forward roll so with a higher Sidespin stat your ball will stop sooner when hitting sidespin activated shots.

    Power: This stat is a limited resource stat that you can use at your discretion during game play. Power mode is required to activate Extra Power shots. You also gain more available Power Shots the higher your character loyalty is. In World Invitational when you use all of your available power resources you can no longer use power shots at all.

    Loyalty: This stat gives your character extra power shots and abilities. There are 4 ranks of Loyalty per character in World Invitational.

    Level 1: Power Adjustment, circle and triangle at impact.
    Level 2: Extra Power shot.
    Level 3: Homing, Spiral and Rising shots can now activate.
    Level 4: Impact Precision.


    Fade/Draw: Some characters come with a Fade or draw to their ball flight. Most beginner players shy away from this because it is more difficult to see your ball flight with untrained eyes. Fade/Draw is a double-edged sword, on some courses obstacles will become a larger or lesser danger depending on what direction your ball flight is. Something that people overlook with Fade/Draw is that when activating Specials Fade/Draw actually has a higher chance of becoming a hole out and I will explain why below.


    First off I will apologize for my line drawing skills, obviously isn't an exact replica of the game physics but should illustrate my point. As a reference assume all shots above are with Super Backspin. As you can see above I am factoring in control stat spray, with the straight shot only the straight line will have a chance to hole out. Now looking at the Fade/Draw example, you can see the middle option is aimed to use Super Backspin by spinning the ball back into the hole from behind. The major difference as you see is the control spray to the left has a chance to pin touch and activate a Special. Effectively increasing your chances for hole outs, but is usually considered much harder to aim for new players.


    Trajectory: This stat directly effects the Height of your shots. The less trajectory the greater roll, while having more trajectory will stop sooner. Also the greater your trajectory the more wind will have an effect on your ball flight. Having more of the spin stat will increase trajectory.

    Positive and Negative Attributes: This stat effects certain attributes of your character on the course. Some clubs and balls will grant you positive or negative attributes in the categories below.

    Rain: Raises or decreases your Lie % when it is raining.

    Sand: Raises or decreases your Lie % when in the sand.
    Rough: Raises or decreases your Lie % when in the rough.
    +Approach: When within 15y of the pin, activates a 15y approach.

    On Course User Interface. (BG02)


    Club Distance:This part of the user interface shows the player the maximum club distance the current selected club can go. R and L buttons will change clubs.

    Remaining Distance:
    This part of the user interface shows the player the distance remaining to the pin.

    Available Power Shots:
    This part of the user interface that shows the player the remaining amount of power shots they can use.

    This is the part of the user interface that you will be imputing the mechanical skill impact. The small pink parentheses indicate "safe" impact area to avoid rabbit/turtle shots. The larger red parentheses indicate the "safe" impact area to avoid hitting a skull shot. The white area, in this example the ball, is the Perfect Impact Zone.

    Power Gauge: This is the part of the user interface where you set the power percentage for your shot. The flag is a rough estimate of the power required before other elements of shot making are taken into consideration. (Circle Shot Power Gauge Shown.)

    Directional Cone:
    This is the part of the user interface that shows you the projected ball flight. The cone is a cylindrical shape , that dictates how much spray from the control stat you generate at impact. By hitting Super Just Impact the cone decreases in size, reducing control spray almost completely. (Easier to see in Full picture above.)

    Lie: This is the part of the user interface that shows you the projected % of impact you will get before Impact precision is calculated. This is one of the most overlooked parts of the user interface but arguably one of the most important. In a later section I will go into further detail about this specifically.

    Sidespin: This is the part of the user interface that shows an indicator of how much side spin left or right the ball will go. The greater the distance from the black center line the more spin to either side the ball will go when activating Sidespin, or similar horizontal directional shots.

    Spin: This is the part of the user interface that shows an indicator of how much spin backspin or topspin will activate. For example if using Super Backspin, the greater the blue bar is to the bottom of the gauge the greater distance the ball will spin when it is activated.

    Slope:This is the part of the user interface that will show you ball trajectory and if there is a slope left or right. The white indicator circles will show you the direction of the slope and the severity. Much more on this later.

    Uphill/Downhill: This is the part of the user interface that will show you how far uphill or downhill your approach to the pin is. This will become a very important part of your shot calculations later on. Much more on this later as well. Blue numbers are downhill, while red numbers are uphill.

    Wind: This is the part of the user interface that will show you the wind direction and estimated speed. The game will not show you the exact value of the wind until you reach the green. Obviously much more on this later.

    The Shot Types, and Specials. (BG03)



    Positions on the D-Pad.

    Impact Input

    Power Input

    (Letters) Abbreviations

    No spin: This is the standard shot without the player pressing anything on the d-pad during impact. Often you never really have a use for this shot outside of No Spin online tours.

    The 3 Foundation Spin Shots:
    These are your single input spins that become the makeup of almost every other shot in the game. None of these will activate specials other than Back Spin under certain conditions.

    Top Spin (TS)- This is your standard low trajectory shot, this will create more roll and be less effected by the wind.

    Side Spin (SS)- This is a shot that sends the ball flight to the left or right depending which direction you want to go. Useful for getting around obstacles and has more roll than Back Spin but less than Top Spin.

    Back Spin (BS)- This is a shot that has a higher trajectory, it has the least amount of roll and is one of the most commonly used parts of shot making. This is the only Foundation shot that can activate a Special. If certain power gauge requirements are meant the ball can physically spin backwards and if it hits the pin with activate the Special Homing shot.

    The 3 Super Spin Shots:
    These are your first Double Input shots. By activating the opposite D-pad of the Foundation Shots you can activate Super Spin shots. These shots require perfect impact, and all three can activate different Specials.

    Super Top Spin (STS)- This is the lowest trajectory shot in the game with the most roll. If it hits the pin it will activate the special Rising Shot, also known as a Riser.

    Super Side Spin (SSS)- This is similar to Side Spin but greatly exaggerated horizontal movement. Great for getting around obstacles, or holding against a strong side wind. If the ball hits the pin it activate the Special Spiral Shot.

    Super Back Spin (SBS)- This is the most popular shot type in the game because of its ease of use. Similar to Back Spin certain criteria must be met to activate the physical spin of the ball backwards. This is also the highest trajectory shot, great for stopping the ball quickly.

    The 2 Super Spin Combo Shots: Super Spin combo shots are shots that combine any of the super spins in the previous section together to make one shot. These require perfect impact to execute the special.

    Super Side Spin + Super Top Spin (SSSTS)- This shot will combine two of the Super Spin shots above into one shot type. When Super Side Spin is part of a combination it will activate the Spiral Special if it hits the pin.

    Super Side Spin + Super Back Spin (SSSBS)- This shot is the first combo shot that many people will learn, similar to the super spin shots it requires an opposite input technique to get the desired result. Note that this shot will not activate back spin quite like Super Back Spin does and usually requires a smaller club to activate back spin.

    The 2 Foundation Combo Shots: These are the 4 shots that combine the Foundation Spin shots into combo shots. These shots do not activate any Specials.

    Top Spin + Side Spin (TSS)- This shot combines Side Spin and Top Spin and does not activate a Special.

    Back Spin + Side Spin (BSS)- This shot combines Side Spin and Back Spin and does not activate a Special.

    The Foundation + Super Spin Combo Shots: These shots combine the Foundation shots with Super Spin shots to fine tune your trajectory even more. These shots are highly overlooked but can mean the difference between a hole out and missing completely. Great for maneuvering obstacles.

    Super Top Spin + Side Spin (STSS)- This shot will activate the Rising Shot Special if it hits the pin.

    Super Back Spin + Side Spin (SBSS)- This shot will activate the Homing Special if it hits the pin, but has a higher spin requirement than your standard Super Back Spin to activate.

    Super Side Spin + Top Spin(SSTS)- This shot will activate the Spiral Special if it hits the pin.

    Super Side Spin + Back Spin (SSBS)- This shot will activate the Spiral Special if it hits the pin.

    Specials: Specials are shots that activate when certain requirements are met, for example hitting the pin or catching the lip of the cup. These shots will increase your point totals depending on distance and other factors. Specials require you to have 3 hearts of loyalty with the character you are using to activate.

    Rising Shot (Riser)- This shot is activated by using a shot that has STS in it and hitting Perfect Impact. If the ball touches the pin in with climb the pin and drop back down towards the hole. This shot comes with a medium chance to fail and not fall into the cup.

    Spiral Shot(Spiral)- This shot is activated when it hits the pin, the ball will then spiral down into the cup resulting in a very accurate hole out shot. Requires Super Side Spin to activate. This shot has a much lower fail rate.

    Homing Shot (Homing)- This shot is also activated by hitting the pin but unlike the other specials it doesn't necessarily require a Super Spin shot to activate. Your characters spin stat will dictate what percentage of power is required to activate a Homing Shot. This shot is activated when the power requirements are meant when using Back Spin or Super Back Spin activated shots, and the ball touches the pin. The ball will then bounce away from the pin and then spin back at it gaining extra points for each time it "homes." This special has the highest total point potential of all the shots, but has a moderately high fail rate.

    Backdoor Putt/Shot- This is a special that has a little bit different activation requirement than the other special shots. This special can only be activated when you hit Super Just Impact. When the ball grazes the lip of the cup at decent speed, it will spin violently around the hole at high speed and then fall into the cup. This shot isn't easy to perform because of the SJI impact requirement but it has a very low fail rate once activated. Also the only special that can be activated while putting.

    Shot Abbreviations:
    Here I will list commonly used abbreviations for the shots and specials.

    TS = Top Spin

    SS = Side Spin
    BS = Back Spin
    STS = Super Top Spin
    SSS = Super Side Spin
    SBS = Super Back Spin
    SSSTS= Super Side Super Top Spin
    SSSBS= Super Side Super Back Spin
    TSS = Top Side Spin
    BSS = Back Side Spin
    STSS = Super Top Side Spin
    SBSS = Super Back Side Spin
    SSTS = Super Side Top Spin
    SSBS = Super Side Back Spin
    Riser = Rising Shot
    Homing = Homing Shot
    Spiral = Spiral Shot

    Learning Mechanical and Analytical Skills. (BG04)

    Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational requires very few mechanical gaming skills to achieve the desired result. With that said each of the mechanical skills required are incredibly important to master to improve your game play.

    Basic Mechanical Skills to Master:

    Impact- Impact is the most important mechanical skill to master, it is true that low scores are achievable without a great skill in impact, but to truly master all of the various shots in the game you must acquire a consistent impact. This is an even more valuable skill now that the game is much more demanding on PI.

    Perfect Impact(PI)- The most important aspect of impact. Perfect impact reduces the width of the aiming cone creating more accurate shots. Perfect impact also cuts the lie % difference in half when you obtain Impact Precision. For example a 96-100% lie missing pi can be 96-100%, hitting perfect impact will change the possible percentages to 98-100%.

    Tuning Power- Learning how to adjust your swing power to fit your exact needs is an invaluable skill and highly overlooked by a lot of players. Teaching yourself how to hit from 88-96% consistently will greatly increase accuracy and your chances for hole outs. Circle shot is kind of weird for percentages so I will list them below.

    100%, 98%, 96%, 95%, 93%, 91%, 90%, 88%.

    Basic Analytical Skills to Master:

    Wind- Wind is the most basic analytical skill and is the backbone of all shot calculations. Learning the effects of wind on ball flight and shot type is a great skill to master. One thing overlooked with wind is that various degrees of wind at the same speed effect ball flight differently. Learning how to differentiate between these factors will increase shot accuracy. In the vita version visual skill becomes more of a necessity since you will not see the wind value until you reach the green. Learning to tell all the variables apart from 1m-9m will make a huge difference in accuracy. There is no random variable to wind anymore as it is always a static number. Also kind of a weird fact, testing shows that flag balls are impossible with 0 wind, since the flag just disappears.

    I'll give you a basic starting point for wind calculation with a Medium Trajectory character:

    Distance= For every 1m of wind add or subtract 1y of distance
    Side Wind= For every 1m of wind add 1 block of movement.

    Now I will speak more in detail about wind without giving out specific numbers for every scenario. Wind is a tricky thing to master because many variables will effect your final shot. Slope, Ball Trajectory, Green slope, degree of wind. A 1wood, does not have the same math conversion as a PW for wind. Finding out on your own when to make these adjustments takes hours of practice.

    Lie%- Lie is also a very basic yet important analytical skill to learn. Learning to recognize Lie% and what it means to your shot is invaluable to scoring low. The are two major ways to increase Lie% reliably. Also note that there is a misconception that 100% power + a 98% lie is = to 98% power. Lie% is calculated AFTER power. So the numbers although very close are slightly different. This can become important if you are playing a narrow carry shot with a longer club.

    Fairways- Learning where to play in the fairways is very valuable when trying to control lie%. Typically there are sweet spots in every fairway that will increase your Lie% and make your shots more accurate.

    Clubs-: Certain clubs are more accurate than others for lie%. The most accurate clubs in the game for mid-ranged approach shots are the 4iron, 5iron, and 6iron. 6iron being the most accurate due to the least distance change per 1%. An easy way to compete with 0 loyalty is to always play to 6 iron distance.

    Slope- One of the most overlooked analytical skills in the game. The slope of your lie greatly effects ball trajectory and wind calculations. Slope is much harder to gauge in World Invitational, because the exact degree of slope has been removed from the ball overlay. Everything regarding slope is now mostly learned through practice rather then exact calculations. You can get a general idea of what the slope is from the blue bar on the side of the ball layout above. Practice, Practice, Practice.

    Up slope- Using up slope to your advantage especially with lower spin characters will create shots that stop much sooner and are easy to control on the greens. These make wind calculations more difficult.!

    Tilt or Angled Slope- Developing a system to gauge the direction of slope is very important for accuracy, there is little to be taught in this aspect, finding your own feel for ball flight is of utmost importance.

    Uphill/Downhill- Knowing when your shot is uphill or downhill is a very basic skill to master. Again a lot goes into exact calculations of how much power to use because different clubs are effected slightly differently then others for uphill and downhill, also Lie effects trajectory as well, but a basic rule of thumb is a follows.

    Uphill: For each 1y of uphill, add 1y of power.
    Downhill: Value divided by 2, and then subtract that amount of power.

    More examples: 10y uphill to hole 187y to go, hit 197 yards.
    10y downhill to the hole 187 to go, hit 182 yards.

    Advanced Mechanical Skills to Master:

    Super Just Impact(SJI)- Once you have mastered Perfect Impact a higher level of impact is achievable. Even more accurate than its predecessor. Super Just Impact will greatly increase your odds of a hole out if your line to the hole is correct. SJI shrinks the white cone to an even smaller degree, and always picks the highest available lie % for the shot. Beware though there are times when SJI can be detrimental to your shot if you were gambling on a lie%. Mastering PI will increase your chances of hitting SJI.

    Extra Power Shot- In World Invitational a new more controllable extra distance shot has replaced the Rabbit and Turtle shot that players from Out of bounds should be familiar with. This shot is activated by consuming a power shot and making use of the tilt sensor on the PlayStation Vita. Takes a lot of practice to perfect this shot type, but it is the most versatile skill in the game currently. Note that drivers are not the only clubs that get a benefit from this. I won't go into full detail here because I want people to try this out on their own first, if you would like help with this shot contact me at any point.

    Tuning Precision- Once you have mastered Tuning Power you can fine tune your power increment using Circle and Triangle at impact. Circle decrease power by 1 interval while Triangle increases it by 1 interval. Coupled with Tuning Power this skill set becomes a very reliable weapon. For an example if you miss 95% for Tuning Power, hit circle on impact to go from 96% to 95%. By "interval" I mean the next possible % in the list above.

    Advanced Analytical Skills to Master:

    Putting- Putting is one of the greatest skills to possess. Learning to read putts is key to saving yourself from undesirable locations on the greens without a good feel for the greens you cannot achieve low scores consistently. An important thing to note is be aware of drastic bumps or ridges in greens since these will require you to change your power calculation in order to get it to the hole. This is often overlooked. More common on the tougher courses.

    Putting in World Invitational can get sketchy at times, because there are areas on some greens that will lie to you about the requirements for the putt.

    Pro Tip: A way you can try to manage this is to use the back touch screen feature to run the pointer up and down your line looking for lying power blocks. Takes practice to know what you are looking for.

    Basic Putting Formulas:
    10m: 1% =1cm
    20m: 1% = 10m value divided by 2
    30m: 1% = 10m value divided by 3

    30ft: 1% = .03ft
    60ft: 1% = .06ft
    90ft: 1% = .09ft

    So if the 10m requires 30% more power, then switch to the 20m putter and hit 15% more power, or 10% power with the 30m putter. These are very basic calculations but a good starting point for beginners.

    Course Management- Learning the bounces and slopes of every green in the game will greatly increase your chances for hole outs and more pin shots. There is no real formula available for all of the clubs and shot types but it can be a learned skill with diligent practice. Learn which holes you can reach under regulation, or holes in which you can make an approach mode shot. This section becomes much more important now in this title now that we lack some defined variables like slope and wind for approaches.

    Points- The point system in this game is fairly advanced in terms of variation between players. Points are a highly overlooked portion of the game. Points are just behind score in importance, and knowing what is required from you to sneak out a win from behind or hold of those that are chasing you could mean the difference between a win and just a pod.

    Opponents and Self Awareness- I highly recommend that you watch every shot if plausible. Know why things happen and why they don't. Watch for what your opponent does, playing in stroke or match play rooms are invaluable source of information if you know what to look for. Knowing how to learn will keep you ahead of the competition.

    Mechanical Skill Training:The easiest thing to practice in the game are the mechanical skills, with minimal effort each day you can greatly increase your golf game by burning these skills into muscle memory. 10-30 minutes a day will greatly increase your mechanical skills.

    Impact Drills- Hit the training course and grab a comfort club, usually I choose a 5wood to start. Hit 10 shots and then switch to a mid-range iron like a 4-6iron. Hit 10 shots with that, and then continue to hit shots with a low iron like a SW-9iron.

    Another drill in my opinion which is more fun to practice, is to keep track of how many PI's you can hit in a row. Try to break your personal record.

    Tuning Drills- My favorite tuning drill to do is the ladder drill. Start at 100% power, then hit 98%, 96%, 95%, 93%. And then climb the ladder going 93%-100%, if you miss one start over

    Choosing a Character and Arsenal (BG05)

    Now that you should have a basic understanding of your abilities from the previous it is now time to talk about Character Selection, and Club/Ball selection.

    Selecting a Character:This is usually a highly underestimated part of the game by most players. Choosing the correct character for your skill set can drastically improve your overall game play. A lot of players like to use what character they like aesthetically rather then which character is the best for their current situation this can greatly decrease your chances of success if you are using the wrong character for your skill set. Also always keep in mind that characters play a pivotal role in course management which I will talk more about in the next section of this guide.

    Perfect Impact and the Control Stat- Now that you should have a basic understanding of how good your mechanical skills are you should be choosing a character that hides your weaknesses and helps your strengths. Here is a list and my recommended choices for character based on your skill set.

    -If you have a low PI%. Use a character with a good control stat C or higher.

    -If you have good PI% but struggle with mid range putts. Use a character with a good control stat C or higher.

    -If you have good PI%, and Putting. Use a character that has the least amount of weaknesses.

    So basically the majority of the time in this game you are going to want to use a character with a high control stat and minimal weakness . Unless you have elite level PI%, or elite level putting this is your best option to playing more consistency and eliminating more risk from Control spray.

    Strengths and Weaknesses- The majority of the characters come with either a strength or weakness. Club selection can also eliminate or give you a strength or weakness. I will list the possible strengths and weaknesses below first.


    +Approach- This strength will give the character an extra 15y approach mode. This mode will increase distance accuracy on chips within 15yards, and also allow for super back spin to trigger at shorter distances depending on the characters spin stat.

    Rough- This strength will give the character a better Lie % range when in the rough.

    Bunker- This strength will give the character a better Lie % range when in the sand.


    Rough- This weakness will give the character a worse Lie % range when in the rough.

    Bunker- This weakness will give the character a worse Lie % range when in the sand.

    Rain- This weakness will give the character a worse Lie % range when it is raining or snowing.

    After acknowledging your mechanical abilities finding a character with a high minimal weaknesses is key to playing consistently from bad situations like missed drives and short approaches that end up in the sand.

    Loyalty: If you want to compete in tournaments and daily tournaments it is very important that you have Max Loyalty for the character you are planning on using. Unlike past titles World Invitational characters do not gain stats from leveling loyalty. Below I will list the requirements and bonuses all 4 loyalty levels give.

    0 = This is the starting value for loyalty, characters get no bonus.

    1= At loyalty level 1, you gain +1 Power Shot, and Power precision which gives you the ability to use circle and triangle at impact to increase or decrease power. Cannot go beyond 100%. Requires 18h played.

    2= At loyalty level 2 you gain +1 Power Shot, you also unlock the ability to use the Extra Power shot which activates the Vita's tilt sensors into your shot to gain more distance.

    3= At loyalty level 3 you gain +1 Power Shot, you also unlock specials which include rising, homing and spiral shots.

    Max= At Max loyalty you gain +1 Power Shot, you also gain Impact Precision which decrease the control stat spray for the character. This also will effect the way PI interacts with Lie %, by hitting PI it cut the range 1/2. If a 98-100% and you PI, 99% is the lowest percentage you can get.

    Going from level 0-1 = 18holes played
    Going from level 1-2 = 36holes played
    Going from level 2-3 = 54holes played
    Going from level 3-Max= 72holes played
    Total Rounds 0-Max= 144 rounds, or 8 18h rounds.

    Strongest Character Setups: Now something to keep in mind is that in World Invitational the Distance Stat reigns supreme over all other stats currently. What I mean is that distance should be the most heavily weighted character stat when choosing a character. This is always a topic of debate, but I will list some of the known strongest character setups with a brief description. All setups assume Level 3 clubs and Level 3 balls.

    Expert Characters- Pandora (Fatima), Izzak and Max.

    Pandora (Fatima) Big Air/Big Air:
    Distance = 290y
    Control = B
    Spin = C
    Shot= Straight

    In my opinion this is the strongest character for consistency in the game. The reason I put her over Izzak for most setups is Izzak's weakness to rough. Also on courses with tight drives like Provence having a straight ball flight greatly increases your chances. Her one real weakness is she has the fewest available power shots which requires you to manage them more.

    Izzak Big Air/Infinity:
    Distance: 290y
    Control: B
    Spin: A
    Shot= Fade

    In my opinion this is the weaker of the 2 main Izzak setups. This setup has high spin, but is weak in the rough and the rain and a fade can have its disadvantages in some areas. Not to mention high trajectory is more effected by wind making hole out accuracy less than characters with medium trajectory. The reason for this is under sidewind conditions the ball will be impacting the green at a greater angle.

    Izzak Big Air/Big Air:
    Distance: 296y
    Control: C
    Spin: A
    Shot= Fade

    In this setup you gain 6y of distance which not only makes reachable par 4's easier it also increases his strength which is the spin stat. You lose a little bit of control but still remain above the minimum I would aim for. I would consider this the second strongest setup in the expert bracket.

    Max Big Air/Big Air:
    Distance: 303y
    Control: E
    Spin: B
    Shot= Draw

    This character I would only recommend to players with 55%+ career PI%. I love and hate Max he has access to some reachable par 4's that other characters simple fail to reach consistently but if you miss PI be prepared to rage out. He is best used on the easier courses where the control stat means less. Also the secret to Max is having high SJI as well, he is a favorite character of some of the better Minna players. This is really a PB hunting character when it comes down to it.

    Intermediate Characters- Grace, and Amy (Satsuki).

    Grace Big Air/Infinity:
    Distance: 277y
    Control: C
    Spin: C
    Shot= Fade

    This is my personal favorite setup in the game for any bracket. I use this character more often than others. She has massive distance for an intermediate character and stays within my C control requirement. She is naturally strong in the rough, but weak in the rain from the infinity club in this setup. The only real downside being her draw on some courses that can make obstacles a little more difficult.

    Amy (Satsuki) Big Air/Big Air:
    Distance: 270y
    Control: C
    Spin: D
    Shot= Straight

    Favorite setup for players who enjoy tricks and shot making. By using this setup over the BigAir/Infinity setup you don't really lose any spin overall due to the extra distance and you lose the weakness to rain. She also has +Approach which makes her the premier character in the game for trick shots and chipping.

    Novice Characters- Yuna, Yamato, and Chang.

    Yuna Big Air/Big Air:
    Distance: 257y
    Control: C
    Spin: D
    Shot= Straight

    Overall probably the strongest intermediate for consistency. She has decent distance which maintaining a C control stat. Also comes with +Approach mode which becomes more important in the intermediate and novice brackets for chipping. She also comes with a little bit more sidespin then the other novices which makes clearing obstacles easier. The only real downside is that she comes with 2 less power shots then the two male counterparts on the list.

    Yamato Big Air/Big Air:
    Distance: 263y
    Control: D
    Spin: C
    Shot= Fade

    Yamato is not far behind Yuna in the novice bracket, and is my personal novice of choice. One because he is my favorite character in the game for looks and personality, but also because I prefer to use fade characters in the intermediate and novice brackets for the reason I listed in an above section. He also comes with +approach which really helps around the greens.

    Chang Big Air/Big Air:
    Distance: 272y
    Control: E
    Spin: C
    Shot= Draw

    Chang is basically the Max of the novice bracket. He has insane distance for the bracket but E control. I wouldn't recommend using this character for the average player unless you have either elite PI% or elite Putting. He is strong in the sand which becomes more important with harder to reach par 5's in the novice bracket. This character is also a favorite of some of the better Minna players.

    Data Collection and Information:
    So now that you have your characters finally picked out you need to sit down and gather some information that will help you become more consistent.

    BS, SBS, SSBS, and SBSS- When playing with a new character or setup it is important to find the smallest power % required for each backspin activated shot from a flat lie.

    Extra Power- A very overlooked portion of the game and one of the strongest mechanics in the game to learn. Learn the Max Distance for each club using Extra Power, and find out the max Missed PI distance as well.

    Power Shots- Each character has a starting value of power shots before 8 are gained from loyalty. 2 being the least, and 10 being the most. Knowing how many power shots you have available for the course can greatly help in planning your round.

    Conclusion- To wrap up the Character Selection section, if you want to become a more consistent player and overall have a better chance at shooting lower scores. Selecting the right character setup and learning their data break points will greatly increase your chances of beating your opponents and set you up on a good path for the next section which will cover Course Management, club selection and the art laying up. Keep in mind that a lot of this comes down to preference for a lot of people but my goal of this section was to give you a general idea of the advantages of picking the right character and point you in the right direction for what is strongest.

    ~~~~~~~~~~(Work in progress)~~~~~~~~~~

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    Default Re: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores (Vita)


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    Section BG01 completed, taking a break, before continuing to rewrite the entire guide.

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    Section BG02 completed (posting these updates for my reference by the way.) Top half of the guide is the new guide. Bottom half is basically information from an older post that ill be updating and integrating into the new guide. Will continue to be a work in progress. Also taking recommendations on topics you want me to cover more in detail or things you would like to see in the guide to improve it. Thanks as always.
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    Cool stuff! Very organized and well written.

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    Default Re: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores (Vita)

    Nicely done.

    About putting: Lots of fake breaks, but rarely it lies about power. When it does, it doesn't help whether you check the travel distance with the rear touch panel. But basically if the ball goes down first then up, overall being an upslope putt, you have to compensate for the "down under". In other words, if you have 10 cm overall up but shows 5cm blue (down) in between you have to put in extra 50cm to power, ie. 15% overall.
    So technically it's not a lie, just another added calculation process.

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    Question about teenie cup. Is the .1 distance possible to hole. I played a teenie cup tour last night and had two .1 putts the first one i did the double tap thing and the ball bounced over the cup. the second one I tryed to double tap as fast as I could with the same result. Is this a glitch or just another example of clap hanz's cruel sense of humor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StanCanyon View Post
    Question about teenie cup. Is the .1 distance possible to hole. I played a teenie cup tour last night and had two .1 putts the first one i did the double tap thing and the ball bounced over the cup. the second one I tryed to double tap as fast as I could with the same result. Is this a glitch or just another example of clap hanz's cruel sense of humor?
    Not a glitch you can make them just annoying, pretty much similar to the 3ft gimme missing.

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    Temporarily delaying updates while I setup my World Invitational account for play. Finished all the crowns in 2 nights already, so only loyalty to go with some expert characters, prob more work on the guide during the middle of the week.

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    Quality guide thanks

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