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Thread: Update 1.04 on the way.

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    Default Update 1.04 on the way.

    What’s coming in 1.04?
    [Game Rooms]

    • Game Room Menu added to Lobby Menu, including Real Tournament, Stroke and Match Game Modes.

    [Real Tournaments]

    • Grade Tournaments Implemented. Those who played Minna no Golf Online will be familiar with this system featuring the Grade Three, Grade Two, Grade One and Grade Zero rankings. Just like the new Grade Frees the records will be recorded for each tournament with more than 10 players.

    [Daily Tournaments]

    • There will be a change to the Daily System. Tour Points and Tournament History will be reset with the upcoming 1.04 update. Record of the Top 100 Players will be saved and updated to the Minna no Golf Website.
    • The Champion of Season One will be decided!
    • Before the next update please try your best to increase your ranks!

    From the official news sign in bulletin. Looking like a new patch soon that brings all the online features from OOB to the game. Also dailies will end up being seasonal resets most likely. Linked from Shihiko's translation.

    *Note I'm not 100% positive if the game room features are being implemented or just the framework for the lobby options for them.

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    Thanks for posting, Sen!

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    Senidol Guest

    Default Re: Update 1.04 on the way.

    Will be interesting to see how they do the international patches for this version. Wondering if there will be any kind of delay between the Japanese server and International server. This will be the first patch since the International release that automatically got patch 1.03. So at least the two servers are playing the same update currently, which is a good sign in my opinion.

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    sometime in the spring.... release for the Japanese...

    what about us ? hopefully same time.

    for u guys that don't have it yet, you gotta get it. It's a ton of fun...even the GF games.

    Right now there's 10 of us (atleast) from OOB playing... (mostly G1 and G0) more seem to be gettin the game by the day. It makes u feel like not even going back to OOB.

    Nuttin beats winning online tournaments while in bed or on the toilet.
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    I'll be enjoying this once it comes out.

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    Default Re: Update 1.04 on the way.

    Need an update so I can play this on my TV at home and the Vita on the road.

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    Default Re: Update 1.04 on the way.

    Promising update. Any ideas when?

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