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    So it seems like from what Sony was saying, is that the store will be available for USA tommorow, and that the dlc will be a few weeks behind, but they will bring two dlc's each week until there caught up.

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    I bought $70 worth of psn cards just prior to the hack. Still can't use them. Is Sony going to give me interest on those dollars that have been useless to me all this time?

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    Nope, they are only give to give us a 30 month trail of the playstation plus and 2 free PS3 games.

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    30 month? Ah, wait, 30 days.

    And Stan, with interest rates as they are, they would probably owe you about 7 cents. I know there's a principle involved, but you may have to swallow that one.

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    Given how fast video game prices drop these days, you're practically winning!

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    I'm just looking forward to the new cod maps, even though it's the most annoying game ever..

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