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Thread: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores! (Advanced)

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    Default A Guide to Lower Scores! (Advanced)

    So I've decided to write a guide in the hopes that some of the information below will help someone improve their game, and possibly their gaming experience as a whole. Keep in mind that some of the information below is numerically rounded, or not exact. I'll try my best to make a notation when those come up. This guide will focus more on improving game mechanics rather than being a general how to guide to the game.

    =Basic Mechanical Skills to Master=
    Hot Shots Golf:Out of Bounds requires very few mechanical gaming skills to achieve the desired result. With that said each of the mechanical skills required are incredibly important to master to improve your game play.

    Impact: Impact is the most important mechanical skill to master, it is true that low scores are achievable without a great skill in impact, but to truly master all of the various shots in the game you must acquire a consistent impact.

    -Perfect Impact(PI): The most important aspect of impact. Perfect impact reduces the width of the aiming cone creating more accurate shots. Perfect impact also cuts the lie % difference in half when you obtain Impact Precision at Loyalty level 12. An example on this later.

    -Rabbit/Turtle: An important part to impact. Controversial in some players eyes, rabbits and turtles open doors with distance that can't be achieved with other means. A lot of players know how to hit these shots but very few can actually control them well. Learning the varying degrees of turtles and rabbits will help you excel with characters that struggle with distance.

    Tuning Power: With the new advanced swing learning how to adjust your swing power to fit your exact needs is an invaluable skill and highly overlooked by a lot of players. Teaching yourself how to hit from 95-98% consistently will greatly increase accuracy your chances for hole outs.

    =Advanced Mechanical Skills to Master=

    -Super Perfect Impact(SPI): Once you have mastered Perfect Impact a higher level of impact is achievable. Even more accurate than its predecessor. Super Perfect Impact will greatly increase your odds of a hole out if your line to the hole is correct. SPI shrinks the white cone to an even smaller degree, and always picks the highest available lie % for the shot. Beware though there are times when SPI can be detrimental to your shot if you were gambling on a lie%. Mastering PI will increase your chances of hitting SPI.

    -Tuning Precision: Once you have mastered Tuning Power you can fine tune your power increment using Circle and Triangle at impact. Circle decrease power by 1% while Triangle increases it by 1%. Couple with Tuning Power this skill set becomes a very reliable weapon. Requires character loyalty level 2.

    =Mechanical Skill Training=

    The easiest thing to practice in the game is mechanical skills, with minimum effort each day you can greatly increase your golf game by burning these skills into muscle memory. 10-30 minutes a day will greatly increase your mechanical skills.

    -Impact Drills: Hit the training course and grab a comfort club, usually I choose a 5wood to start. Hit 10 shots and then switch to a mid-range iron like a 4-6iron. Hit 10 shots with that, and then continue to hit shots with a low iron like a SW-9iron.

    Another drill in my opinion which is more fun to practice, is to keep track of how many PI's you can hit in a row. Try to break your personal record. Currently mine is 33. When I first started these drills the most I could hit in a row was 5 or 6.

    The last drill is the Tortoise and the Hare, play a full round of golf using whatever character you main. Using only turtles and rabbits on all shots including approaches. As you get better, increase course difficulty.

    -Tuning Drills: My favorite tuning drill to do is the ladder drill. Start at 100% power, then hit 99%, 98%, 97%, 96%. And then climb the ladder going 97%-100%, if you miss one start over. The most I've done is 4 climbs and 4 descents.

    =Basic Analytical Skills to Master=

    Wind: Wind is the most basic analytical skill and is the backbone of all shot calculations. Learning the effects of wind on ball flight and shot type is a great skill to master. Some things overlooked with wind include the decimal changing while in mid swing, and various degrees of wind at the same speed effect ball flight differently. Learning how to differentiate between these factors will increase shot accuracy.

    Lie%: Lie is also a very basic yet important analytical skill to learn. Learning to recognize Lie% and what it means to your shot is invaluable to scoring low. The are two major ways to increase Lie% reliably.

    -Fairways: Learning where to play in the fairways is very valuable when trying to control lie%. Typically there are sweet spots in every fairway that will increase your Lie% and make your shots more accurate.

    -Clubs: Certain clubs are more accurate than others for lie%. The most accurate clubs in the game for mid-ranged approach shots are the 4iron, 5iron, and 6iron. 6iron being the most accurate due to the least distance change per 1%. An easy way to compete with 0 loyalty is to always play to 6 iron distance.

    Slope: One of the most overlooked analytical skills in the game. The slope of your lie greatly effects ball trajectory and wind calculations. A basic rule of thumb for SBS is for every 1 degree of slope add or subtract 5% to your final wind calculation. So for example an up slope lie of 8 degrees would increase wind movement by 40%.(Note that this is a general formula and not to be used as a rule.)

    -Up slope: Using up slope to your advantage especially with lower spin characters will create shots that stop much sooner and are easy to control on the greens. These make wind calculations more difficult but make courses like Crown Links far more accessible with intermediate and novice characters. I cannot stress this one enough, learn to hit from up slopes!

    -Tilt or Angled Slope: Developing a system to gauge the direction of slope is very important for accuracy, there is little to be taught in this aspect, finding your own feel for ball flight is of utmost importance.

    =Advanced Analytical Skills to Master=

    Putting: Putting is one of the greatest skills to possess. I won't go into much detail about gauging putting speed since that is readily available all over the website. Learning to read putts is key to saving yourself from undesirable locations on the greens without a good feel for the greens you cannot achieve low scores consistently. An important thing to note is be aware of drastic bumps or ridges in greens since these will require you to change your power calculation in order to get it to the hole. This is often overlooked. More common on the tougher courses.

    Course Management: Learning the bounces and slopes of every green in the game will greatly increase your chances for hole outs and more pin shots. There is no real formula available for all of the clubs and shot types but it can be a learned skill with diligent practice. Learn which holes you can reach under regulation, or holes in which you can make an approach mode shot.

    Points: The point system in this game is fairly advanced in terms of variation between players. Points are a highly overlooked portion of the game. Points are just behind score in importance, and knowing what is required from you to sneak out a win from behind or hold of those that are chasing you could mean the difference between level 16 and level 20. With the skill gap decreasing in current months learning the point system could be your ticket to put yourself ahead of the pack.

    Opponents and Self Awareness: I highly recommend that you watch every shot if plausible. Know why things happen and why they don't. Watch for what your opponent does, playing in stroke or match play rooms are invaluable source of information if you know what to look for. Knowing how to learn will keep you ahead of the competition.

    ~~~~~~~~~~(Work in progress)~~~~~~~~~~

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    Default Re: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores! (Advanced)

    =Step by Step Guide for Improving Your Game=


    Master Perfect Impact, anything sub 45% will hinder your success greatly for mastering the game. Practice on the training course until comfortable.


    Master Power Tuning, nothing increases accuracy like having the right distance. Practice on the training course until comfortable.


    Master Tuning Precision, while maintaining perfect impact %'s this skill coupled with Master Power tuning will make your power accuracy increase dramatically. Knowing when to hit which key when you miss is the first step to more hole outs. Practice on the training course until comfortable.


    Developing Basic Analytical skills, learn lie %, slope and wind. Mastering these techniques will take the longest time and the most effort. Each player interprets these differently and learning what works for you is highly recommended.


    Master Putting, putting is the easiest way to increase scores, this is where you can manage to hide all your other weaknesses by having a strong putting game. Learning the greens is a self challenge, and one of the skills that is very difficult to teach.


    Learning the Courses, having an in depth knowledge of the courses takes determination and repetition. You have to find a way to get in as many full rounds as you can in your available time and never stop thinking of why the ball did what it did.


    Mastering all Shot Types, very difficult to accomplish but required for future steps. This includes all input shots like SSS, SSBS, BS, TS, SS etc. Increasing your shot repertoire will increase your options and put you above your competition. Try not to rely on one shot exclusively or you will weaken your chances in tournaments where that shot is not allowed.


    Learning Opponent and Self Awareness Analytical Skills, putting your knowledge to use when playing with others and while you play your rounds greatly increases your awareness and information gathering skills.


    The final stage and pinnacle of all Hot Shot Golf achievements in my opinion. Trick shots to achieve a point advantage requires the highest skill in this game. Being able to hit any type of shot for points to beat your opponent is a dominating skill to have. Here is a short list of things(in order) to work on slowly to improve your game.

    -Air Risers an invaluable asset especially when used from the rough, a sand trap, or longer distance approach shots where the green isn't very prediction.

    -Ground Spirals, learn how to hit ground spirals with your favorite character before moving on to harder shots.

    -100% power Air Spirals, the easier version of air spirals.

    -Homing Shots, the highest available points in the game a must have for winning from behind by a comfortable margin.

    -Perfect Power Air Spirals, a far more difficult air spiral requiring near perfect power tuning, no advantage point wise to the 100% version. But it is by far a greater showcase of skill. Arguably the hardest shot to hit in the game. Only a select handful of players in the world possess this shot above 50% accuracy, it is really a marvel to behold.


    Well now that we have gotten through that whole gigantic post with pretty pictures I would like to make a few final points. If you are serious about getting better, I highly recommend that you set goals for yourself. Learn a few skills at a time because attempting to learn everything at once will greatly hinder the time required for each individual skill. Never be afraid to ask questions, the majority of players in this game are highly approachable and we can learn a lot from one another. I'm a strong believer that collective minds are much better than one singular mind. Always be open to discussion about your game.

    Each and every one of the skills above has a large learning curve, and a lot of mathematical analysis is required to master them. I am available to help anyone who wants to ask questions or wants some pointers for their game. The easiest place being PM's or in this thread. I am also always open to suggestions as to how I can make this post better so feel free to shoot me your ideas. I hope this post helps people achieve some of their goals, and/or preparation for the next title.

    ~~~~~~~~~~(Work in Progress)~~~~~~~~~~
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    Default Re: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores! (Advanced)

    Awesome analysis! Thanks for sharing.
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    Default Re: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores! (Advanced)

    Nicely done. We ought to get this stickied by someone who knows how to sticky it.

    The bit that is most pertinent (imo) is to watch other (experienced) players in gamerooms. Where do they go, what character/set-up do they use, what spin do they use on approach.

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    Sweet job mate!

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    Default Re: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores! (Advanced)

    Well thanks Senidol for posting this. The Upslope/Downslope approximation helped. I was messing around on Crown this morning; didn't shoot a PB but did manage to do this:

    [ame=""]YouTube - ‪Pole Sitter‬‏[/ame]

    First time I've ever had a ball stop on top of the pin, at least I got a holeout bogey.

    One question: What exactly is Super PI? Are you referring to PI with super spin or something else? Because if you do mean PI with Super Spin then I can positively say that you don't always get the highest impact percentage all of the time, especially with Alex and Gloria, even with a 99-100 lie.
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    Default Re: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores! (Advanced)

    Quote Originally Posted by Gaoler View Post
    One question: What exactly is Super PI? Are you referring to PI with super spin or something else?
    Haha I asked him the same exact thing in the lobby last night.

    If you look at the little whistle cloud when the character hits the ball, you'll see it as a music note.

    Normal PI, the note has one leg. For SPI, it's the note with two legs.

    After he told me that, all i could do what look at that evertytime i hit the damn ball.

    btw, sick app on that hole. I hate to get stuck in the sand there.

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    Default Re: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores! (Advanced)

    Wow Gao, nice two shots pin shots on one hole.

    I understand Super PI to be the double musical note. Not sure if single musical note is also considered PI or SPI. I could also be way off base here, so I will wait for Senidol to enlighten us.
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    Default Re: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores! (Advanced)

    Top stuff.

    Have you perhaps come up with any formula as to how to read upslope shots and add compensation with every spin-class?

    Out of your thousands of test shots, have you come up with an average for SPI's? That'd be interesting. And also what is the factor that determines whether your spin will bite or not? On huge upslope (8 degrees or more) shots, you might not get spi backspin using an iron with Anya inf/inf setup. Knowing when this would happen, would help with the game a lot.
    Some lies might give you a poorer chance of initiating backspin as well.

    ... Resisting the urge to go do a few practice rounds with tuning drills

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    Default Re: Senidol's Guide to Lower Scores! (Advanced)

    Quote Originally Posted by jskillz95 View Post
    Wow Gao, nice two shots pin shots on one hole.

    I understand Super PI to be the double musical note. Not sure if single musical note is also considered PI or SPI. I could also be way off base here, so I will wait for Senidol to enlighten us.
    As I understand it, you can get a 'single' musical note not hitting pi as well, but double calls for SPI, you're right about that.

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