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Thread: Thinking about getting Minna

  1. Default Thinking about getting Minna

    So being a G1 is hard right now, It's hit or miss in the evenings if there are 10 people on.

    Before I go and drop over $100 on everything (DLC and game) I thought it never hurts to ask if anyone wants to share some DLC.

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    from what I\'ve seen I think you should get Minna it looks alot better than the usa version, I saw that they have more lobby parts, Characters have more scenes with caddies, and well it looks more balanced in many ways.

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    Being anything is hard right now. Even G0 has been running low this week. The issue I have is that if you go, that'll be another gone, and the whole thing plunges deeper down, which will make me

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    Hot Shots Golf is on life support, if you wish to continue playing this game online, I would buy Minna... sorry Dims, see you in HSG6.

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    Default Re: Thinking about getting Minna

    i just bought mainna golf 5 its being ship as i wright up this hope to do well
    hey pro

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    I wish I could get minna but I hadtrouble enough finding hsg oob

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    I started a similar thread about 3 weeks ago, as like you I wAs fed up of logging on only to find no tours in g1 happening , so I bought minna from play Asia.

    6 weeks after after ordering, it still hadn't turned up, however I found a copy on ebay. 2 days later my play Asia copy arrived lol.

    I have to say that I love playing minna. Day time touring is amazing, so many (200-300) players. However I am on gmt which means that evenings here are early hours in japan, so between 7 and midnight tours are quite sparse, Which is going to be a pain as when I go back to work, evenings are when I want to play. I have certainly made the most of day time tours gmt. Sometimes I can't get in to tours because they are full!

    I am solid g1, been g0 a couple of times but just not consistent enough at that level. In minna I have made g2 within 10 g3 tours, but I think I have found my level already at g2, 50 tours 1 win, 1 second and 8 pods (not proud of that lol).

    I have not purchased any dlc, and at g3 or g2 you don't need to as 90% of tours at this level are spread across highland, oki, euro and safari with the odd peaks now and then. Tours with dlc characters are rare as well.

    I still log on to Hsg in the evenings gmt, but have not seen 10 players in a g1 tour for about a month .

    Hope that's useful in your decision making.

    Also I'm convinced downhill puts are more sensitive in minna, because I keep on missing them.

    I hope a new game comes soon but until then I am sooooo glad I have found minna.

    Let me know if you would fancy buying my spare minna?

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    im waiting for a new EBG,while, i need something more.How can i get minnaaa!japannese version runs in european ps3!!?

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    Half hour from last post and just made g1 on minna with a good recent run of pod finishes, yippee.

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    Just go on ebay or
    Runs fine on ps3 in europe
    If you want dlc you need to set up a jap pan account. But if like me you dont want to bother with dlc you can just play as per normal with egwt or hsg.

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