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    Hello to everybody!!! Yesterday I wanted to begin to make tournaments on Minna5 and I was disconnected three tournaments on four????Twice during the second hole.
    I laugh at it a little because I begin again games, thus there grade3 on the other hand if it had to arrive at me grade2 it there very very boring...
    My connection is of type NAT2 and I rarely have problems. I play Minna5 for approximately 10 days and it makes already 2 days as it???
    For those who play this game, it also arrive at you or was it just a bad day???

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    Hi ^_^
    Because the server is far away, naturally the connection will have problems :/
    I always found it took much longer to join a tournament and jumping into one was very difficult. Otherwise, I suggest moving close to the Wireless router or getting a wired connection. Might help
    Yes, yes it is.

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    I've never had any connection problems with Minna... as Dreamy said jumping tours is harder...

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    Hello thank you for your answers!! I use a cable ethernet and it seems better. it is bizarre because I played on Sunday and no problem while on Friday and Saturday it was disconnections on disconnections??
    BYE BYE c u on greens (or in the sand and the grass hihihi)

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    When you are being disconnected, do you find that you are in lobbies that are full of people? If so, you may wish to try lobbies with no people or very few people in them.

    I think I remember Bgunner having said something to this effect when discussing disconnections on HSG, same could hold true to Minna.

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