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Thread: Well, I finally did it.

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    To me, the best thing about playing Minna is that it essentially keeps me interested in playing a game I love but had grown a little tired of.

    The HSG/EGWT server is a great place to socialise and play a few rounds with some familiar faces but the Minna server is a completely different beast.

    I guess its akin to leading Asian or European golfers chancing their arm on the PGA Tour.

    It's a massive challenge to be competitive at the top level and the rewards feel stronger (for me anyway) as I know I must have played to my upper limit to have earned even a podium finish.

    Cream does rise to the top and that's why the very best of the HSG/EGWT server (who have the game) - MasonR, Albi91, BeEmerson, Canillo, and now Lorefio -- can reel off multiple wins against the very best on Minna. I would guess p1ums, dustsheep, zahovich would be able to as well.

    I have 3 G0 wins on Minna so it's easier to remember them and they really needed some exceptional play.

    Win 1 = Rex (RT) 9in -12 3006pts (including an ace (11), a holeout (16) and a 19m putt for eagle (17) .... I won on points.
    Win 2 = Rex (RT) 9out Sonia only rough +2 -11 (I eagled the first and held on like grim death)
    Win 3 = Highland (RT) 9 out - 14 (I had a riser fail on the 1st but managed to alby 3, pinsmash eagle 6, ace 8 and eagle 9 to sneak this one)

    The only 'cheap' pod I have is when all but 4 of us net-errored in a 50-player tour... I finished 4th (hahahaha).

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    thanks for the support, mace. i'm not dogging minna--i do agree that it can keep people interested like boru said, which makes picking up a copy and playing quite tempting. but, all in all, it's a numbers thing, and maybe a teeny bit of the fact that minna has been out for a handful of months longer than hsg/egwt. a lot of good points, mason
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    Another thing that makes Minna G1 tough if the points system, many G0 demoters are level 18,19, and even 20s. I am not that great of a players, but I have goose-egged my first 8 Minna G0 tours. I also recommend to have all players loyalities maxed, no need to give yourself a disadvantage in these tours.
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    I was in 18H Reg Oki and top 10 were all -25 and some of them -25 but no pod because of points. My heart broken game tho, Oki 9 out -12 not even close to the damn pod. One little mistake; Bird outside bulleye = no pod.

    Question for Minna people. Did they just update prize? I saw a knight halmet [ Mace signature one ] but with differnt color on a Mr [ Silver or Cream not sure ] Never see it before. And Golfhead ? Saw a G2 guy with no G1 or G0 record walk around with it. Thought that's G0 prize.


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    The silver armor set has been out as long as the black set. Not sure about the grade the golfhead is given out.

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