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    I will become a God of Golf if it kills me.

    I made my fifth GOG norm minutes ago. Autumn Pagoda, front nine, regular tees. I was sticking every pin on the course - eagled 1, birdied 2-8 (all one-putts except for a two-putt on the par four sixth) and needed an eagle finish on the par five ninth. I split the fairway and rolled my long iron back to within 12 feet. Had an slightly uphill putt (0.30 ^) with a gentle left-to-right break. And I nailed it!

    That felt good.

    Anyone else chasing? Got any stories?

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    Now keep beating harder courses like OCCC, R&L, Dino to secure your play. These courses are so famous for JP players to compete with each other, other than just easy courses.

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    Yeah, the only upper-level course I've got my norm on is Los Andes. But at lunchtime I got my norm at CGS! Six down, six to go! Woot!

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    the toughest course score for me in getting GoG was michinoku pass . have you done that one yet or are you going in order of "left to right"?

    Hold your head high, gorgeous; they'd kill to see you fall.

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    No, I've got:

    South Alps
    Autumn Pagoda
    Central Golf Square
    Golden Desert
    Los Andes

    So I'm all over the place.

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    Now I have Olive Coast! Back tees, back nine, birdied 1-8 and eagled nine. Got some help on the par three 17th - my ball rolled off the green but I managed to chip in to keep the round alive.


    Fortress Yard
    Dino Park
    Gamelan Island
    Royal & Links
    Michinoku Pass

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    I'm down to just three! Michinoku and Gamelan are out of the way!

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    Cool keep up the good work.

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    And then there were two. Royal & Links is in my rear view.

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    I'm having trouble getting Fortress Yard for rank God of Golf.

    That and I also need over half the other courses.
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