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    If no one basically uses them, then what's the point of having this feature? The only group alive is the "Adult Jokes" group, and that place is deader than a brutally beaten horse. I had a Nascar group, but it never really caught on, so I closed/deleted it. A few months in, and I think this is a useless feature if you ask me.

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    It's not taking up any extra space or money as far as I know. There's lots of things we don't fully utilize (like photo albums or the friend feature, for example). Doesn't mean there aren't people willing to mess around with them.

    Honestly, some of these features are probably best for larger sites where people feel anonymous and want to connect with people that have similar interests beyond the main theme of the site. We're just so small (even at the height of activity last year) that it's not difficult to keep track of what other people are posting. And in general, many people feel comfortable starting and posting in "personal" threads in the Not HSG boards, so there's not as much motivation to use some of the social features like social groups, photo albums, etc.

    I do want to point out that social groups can be set up to be invite only, and only members of the group can view and/or post in it. Of course, admins/mods would have access, but I think we could agree to basically let social groups do what they want except in extreme circumstances. So if any folks on the site want to feel more free to post what they want (whether more private stuff that you don't want to post on the board or just wanting to let loose and not worry about kids seeing what you post) and the Adult Jokes group doesn't seem to fit the bill, we can set up a group for you.
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