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Thread: Hot Shots Golf Open Tee Videos

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    Exclamation Hot Shots Golf Open Tee Videos

    I was hoping if anyone would like to show some videos of HSGOT so I can see some of its features as well as gameplay(ad hoc multiplayer if possible to).I want to see:

    -Selecting and wearing clothes,clubs,acc.,etc for a character
    -Playing and finishing a 3,6,or 18 hole
    -See if entering 5TNEPO as your name in a new game will really unlock everything in the game.

    Much appreciation if anyone decides to do this.I couldn't find any videos on Youtube that were in depth about this kind of stuff and a video review would be nice,if possible.I hope I'm not asking for to much.

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    adhoc gameplay is not available, but you can find my OT2 online plays in my YouTube Channel.
    user ID: mcpy1212
    You can also find my online plays in HSGTube.

    Title "2009 HSGOT2 Best Male Golfer" get door da se~!

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    I wonder if I'll be able to find a video review of the game.I might just read one because I plan on getting just OT but I like your videos mcpy2000.

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