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Thread: PS3 Youtube problem

  1. Exclamation PS3 Youtube problem

    So I go to Youtube on my PS3 to watch a video. Then, when the video box appears, it disappears and is replaced by "Go upgrade!" I click that bcuz I'm assuming it wants me to upgrade something, but then I get "The page cannot be displayed. (80710018)" It's not just 1 video, it's all videos. Is there something I need to do to watch videos on Youtube again?

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    1 last thing. Is this a common problem?

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    I have that exact same problem. When I click on the link it takes me to Adobe Flash Player Site telling me I have to upgrade Flash Player but I can't since it says it's not available for my system.
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    The PS3 doesn't have the latest Flash plugin and who knows if and when it ever will. It seems like Sony (as with Apple) are tired of writing checks to Adobe.
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    Glad I'm not the only one having this problem. Is there anyway to fix this? Does anyone know how?

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    I'm bumping this until I get an answer. Don't make me go Ghost on you all where I thank all of you for not even helping me out.

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    Hello, maybe I wasn't clear enough, maybe you guys don't speak Ohioan like me. I said I want help with this problem. I'll keep picking your guys' brains until I get an answer.

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    Sorry for saying that, I'm just upset that I haven't been given an answer yet. Idk what to do.

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    I recall when using You Tube with your PS3, it takes you to the site part that is designed to work with your TV more efficiently, but also it is very slow. So I use the normal mode (what you use on the PC) and I have no problem viewing videos with my PS3, though I’ll do more tests on. Just try to get it on the main site not the TV device part of the site.

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    Hmm. Tried it in the TV device mode and I had no problem, also it seems to load faster than I remember, also tried full screen mode and no problems. Maybe the firmware update that I had to do today fixed it.

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