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Thread: #1 on Google search result

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    Clay, this site is not "official" but it's surely the best HSG site. It seems official because of the name and because OOB inexplicably links here in its help screen. Hey, we'll take it.

    As far as Google rankings, I've always thought it was partially how many sites link to your site, and partially how relevant the Google software thinks your site is to the keywords that are entered (the latter is how most search engines worked until Google came about). Relevancy is often determined by the metadata in the header of the page, so the keywords and description Morph put in the metadata, coupled with the site name, helps "hot shots golf" pull up this site in Google. And number of sites linking to us helps move it up the list.

    At least that's my take on how the Google results work. I know they've tweaked how their rankings work since sites started to manipulate it by using other sites to link to the one they were trying to boost. So, unless you're a software engineer at a search company, it's probably hard to say at this point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob2601 View Post
    dim has anyone ever told you that you have way to much spare time

    It only takes 30 seconds. Just type in then add a couple of random(ok, so not entirely random, although I had a run of 5 stabs without turning up a country) letters and see where in the world it takes you. I did find one (mn, I think it was), but I couldn't decipher which country it was, although it may have been the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. I'm not very good with cyrillics.
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    my toilet is made of cyrillic, btw

    oh wait
    Plum/p1/bubby/plumb/ploom/plummers/puddin/8utt5niffer/plummy/amarillo/mhm/slom/GuY/pruimsmokkelaar /pwunumfivemunininer/pwumm/99/p1umpkin/15991/plummybear/pum/Captain Chokestain/plym/rlom/naplum/slim

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    We're #2 on Bing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For the US at least.

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    Brazil (Where my family came from): #9
    Seems like almost no one plays the game there :/

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