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Thread: Booby prize award

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    Default Booby prize award

    I know this sounds stupid but this site should have some booby prize award or some sort of honorable mention for those who try very hard but never make it to the top.

    It would let those people know that there getting some sort of praise and not be left out just because they didn't win or didn't make the top half of the rankings.

    Just a suggestion thats all.
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    Well, actually, we had some fun website awards last year and perhaps we'll do the same this year. Most were fun but some people had issues with some of the awards and the process of it all. So if people want to see awards again this year, they should make suggestions just like you did. We certainly don't have to have the same ones.
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    it seemed that when the site had the voting 4 all of the awards is when all the activity was increasing

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