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Thread: spiral par4 ace

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    yesterday i shot my first spiral par 4 ace on oceania in a G tour hole 5 .

    i was realy shoked and the gift 4 my spiralshot was the timout in the hole 7

    hope the next games will i better playing but i sux in G0 tours and play in the normal rooms not bad .... hmmmmm
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    That's sick, did it get saved? You should share the vid with us if it did. And I hear ya on great shots like's standard procedure for me to time out, bogey, par, or go in the water or some hazard the following hole

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    if you timed out, there is a possibility it was not saved, i once aced a hole in a game room, and although it says i have aced it, i can not find any video evidence of this.. it maybe that my videos are full..
    Yes, yes it is.

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    @ bcus

    thats sux ------> sux

    @ dreamcaster

    do not make me weak
    i see later 4 my ace on the ps 3 ...

    i will buy a webcam and make clips again and poste next week...
    have long not vids maked

    gl 4 serching the ace if i load up to youtube i delete all clips from the game in the game... freespace is ever here ...

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    Its true i par 4 aced that hole on euro reg tee in a gameroom with my girlfriend and as usual she had a bad hole and begged me to re-start ... I lost that beauty in cyberspace

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    Glad you got your par 4 ace at last pipi especially after your cruel fail on highland you deserve it mate.

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    thx asg m8

    @ kronzzzzzzzzzz and DC

    my ace is in my list
    i dont know why your ace not

    next week i can posting the clip its not tricky but it counts as spiral

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    So was your ace like mine here?
    [ame=""]YouTube - Kratos Par 4 Ace[/ame]

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    Default Re: spiral par4 ace

    very nice
    I'm still par4aceless...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsyball View Post
    So was your ace like mine here?
    YouTube - Kratos Par 4 Ace


    my shot was with alex ( i think ) and lower down on the rod

    nice shot btw

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