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Thread: Open Tee 2 Online

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    I think quitting is okay when there is alot of people. When you get alot of people you don't need to worry about screwing someone and its common to see people quit out when you do poorly.

    I always try to play anyway because you would be suprised what kind of shots you nail when you have a bad hole or 2

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    I wont quit if its 2 or 3 guys but i have quit here and there if im having a bad round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unown Sage View Post
    I didn't play the game online as of yet, but I can tell players quit because they just can't stand losing. ??? It's really a big problem in all online video games. There's nothing we can do about it, but just play untill the end.
    The first time I got the chance to... someone quit like mad ... in a furry without a sign from him !! And ... I was leading !!!! That frustrated me a lot !!

    Aren't we playing a game here.. someone usually made to be fun even in the defeat !!

    I won't say the user name but.. maybe you know someone like that hey..

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    It's a shame to quit when you are scoring bad, but it is a good etiquette to play till the end, no matter how bad your score is.
    In G0, most players quit because of DCs, but some of them quit with just 1 WH or 1 OB.
    HEY! THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE THE LAST PLACE! Everyone can make a mistake, even me!

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    Better stat tracker for OT2 online mode. It says I have 30 wins (out of 207 rounds played), but it doesn’t tell how many wins I have for each grade.

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    Bah I've seen G0 Japs quit when they the get a PAR or worse. Heck there were two G0's both ahead of me, one got a Water Hazard, quit, the second finished with a PAR quit.....damn you would think G0's (especially Japanese players), would stick to the end!
    They must of had a huge lag 2000 years ago. It took Jesus three days to respawn.

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