June 5, 2009 ~ Issue 1 Anniversary Special

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Imagine it's a beautiful day and the breeze is warm but comfortable. A picturesque day for some golf. You grab your clubs and head out for an enjoyable round.

Only thing is, this isn't your typical round of golf. Imagine being told you had to get it within 6 feet of the cup. Tack on adding a few strokes to your score if you venture of the fairway or smoke a tree and suddenly you're pulling your hair out with frustration. Oh, and you also need an Eagle. This is what you have to endure if you want to be crowned the 2nd Master of the Game for the HSG:OOB/EG:WT side of things(currently in progress).

Hosted by our own cartman1337, players go head-to-head in a test of skill and determination. Game Modifiers, such as Rough +2 or requiring a Eagle have been carefully and strategically placed in each round to create a unique yet progressively challenging round. It promises to be an exciting event right down to the finish.

Looking at some of the matchups already completed, an early contender for match of the tournament took place between Ragefire18 and Dimskill. Having both shot an impressive -17 on the back tees of Euro Classic with a 6ft-to-cup requirement, they followed up on an Expert Only, Tree+2 Silver Peaks match. With no Power. And they still shot -13 and -12 respectively, giving Ragefire18 the slim win in what was regarded as a "very close games with never more than 2 shots [separating the two] in it throughout." - Ragefire18.

Not to be outdone, World Match Play VI (OOB/EGWT) is currently in the semifinals of play. In one semifinal it's Doylev taking on Scorpion1973, while Ragefire18 battles interyernan for the right to play in the finals. Best of luck to all 4 gentlemen.

On the OT2 side of things, the second running of the Executive Tournament is underway, and at the end of the second week WelpItsMe holds an 8-shot lead over XxghettoxX, with 4 weeks to go.

The Coastal Challenge is a series of 9-hole rounds for OT2 players. Shaq32Suns32 holds a 4-shot lead over 2nd-place Welp through 4 weeks of play.

If any of you think this is a lot of writing, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a plethora of events at your very fingertips. Each issue I will be taking a look at what's going on in the world of the hotshotsgolf.com forums. To find a complete list of events being offered (or just around the corner), click on http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php?action=forum#c10 and you'll be able to sign up in any event hosted there.

Until then, this is fried_blowney, signing off.

By the way, has anyone seen my PI? I can't seem to find it...

[iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/board,133.0.html](OOB Deadlines)[/iurl]
Saturday, June 6
Doubles 2, QuarterFinals deadline

Sunday, June 7
MPPL, Session 7 fixtures deadline

Monday, June 8
MOTG 2, Week 3 games begin

Monday, June 15
MOTG 2, Week 4 games begin
[iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/board,134.0.html][b](OT2 Deadlines)[/iurl]

Sunday, June 7
Coastal Challenge, Week 6 games deadline

Sunday, June 7
Executive Tournament II, Week 4 games deadline

Sunday, June 14, Coastal Challenge
Week 7 games deadline

Sunday, June 14, Executive Tournament II
Week 5 games deadline

[iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/board,266.0.html][size=18pt]Rival Arena 2 (OOB)
Signups have been extended until June 15th!
Up to 24 people will compete in a match-play format league, where all games are randomly generated course and tees, with the freedom to select your golfer, gear, and shot-style. Players will match against everyone in both their division and conference as posted. It's shaping up to be an excellent tournament, and signups are limited--so hurry up and reserve your spot! (With new rules and game management, Rival is promising to be a fast and exciting event!)

A Winning History
For our Anniversary Issue, we thought we would remember and recognize our past winners.
We have held a lot of events on this site that were greatly enjoyed by all.
Take a look and see who claimed the "trophy" in our past events!



With the site upgrades, the launch of your trophy room has been temporarily delayed,
but it IS coming. An announcement will be posted once this feature becomes available.
All Caddy Award winners and Event Winners will receive a trophy for his/her room.

Top 10 Reasons for Coming to hotshotsgolf.com
1 [iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/topic,2739.0.html] The Love[/iurl]
you need a hug? come on down. someone will hug you. it's an hsg family, and the family that plays together stays together. all you have to do is speak up, and *poof* friends are available. pretty fair deal, huh?

2 [iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/board,167.0.html] The Advice[/iurl]
consider hsg.com the wikipedia of all things hot shots. chances are someone knows something about something someone did that you couldn't do. Hehehe. speaking of which,

3 [iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/board,157.0.html] The Clinics[/iurl]
you know that guy that always wins the tournaments you enter? he's probably one of the people who will take the time to show you how he/she/it does it. arrange a 1-on-1 so you can be the person congratulated rather than the one doing the congratulating.

4 [iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/board,92.0.html] The Leaderboards[/iurl]
you got an ego? you wanna be the best? are you bad at math? no problem.
you give us your info, and we'll put your name in lights. while you're doing that, you can take a look at the current egwt/oob special event leaderboards to see how you/your friends are doing.

5 [iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/ladder/] The Ladders[/iurl]
fight your way to the top of egwt/oob or ot2 and show your parents that you're WORTH IT. you wanna beat that guy? challenge him. take his spot on the ladder and give 'em an "Ooh, painful" next time you play in a tournament.
6 [iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/board,49.0.html] Minna[/iurl]
intrigued by the japanese version of the game? no prob. when you're having a bad day, peruse the minna discussions to remind you that the competition on this side of the planet has it pretty easy.

7 [iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/board,2.0.html] Open Tee 2[/iurl]
even the latest psp version of the game is covered extensively. heck, you may find yourself scheduling a match with one of the admins of the site, roughdawg. actually, it may be easier for you just to post on any site thread. he's likely to respond . . . immediately.

8 [iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/board,35.0.html] The Videos[/iurl]
take the time to watch fried_blowney's rock band performance. perhaps you would prefer a madonna video or hurt your head banging it to metallica's 'one'. okay, maybe it would be best if you started with collections of pretty shots and wacky game glitches.

9 [iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/board,25.0.html] The Arcade[/iurl]
put the controller down for a moment and see how far you can bash a bloody penguin. alright, that might be a harsh introduction. try your luck with old-school renditions of games like pac-man and frogger (a break from golf is a good thing every now and then.)

10 [iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/board,22.0.html] Anything But Golf![/iurl]
talk about sports, music, jokes, your hair, world peace, leeroy jenkins, weird smells, agranulocytosis, you get the idea. some of us really do have other interests. let me rephrase--most of us have other--SOME of us have other interests.

my name is p1um, and i'm an addict. "Hi, p1um." See you again!

[size=56pt]le Spotlight[/size]

Euro: Hole 2 Contributed by MasonR

Regular Tee

Make your decision before you hit, either lay up or "go for it" and attempt to drive the green.

The Lay-Up
The 240y marker is a good place to aim, have your shot roll down to the left for a flatter lie. You can knock it up to around the 270y marker for a <60y pitch. If there's a fierce wind coming from the left, or you character hits a fade shot, you might consider laying up if you're not fully comfortable with hitting a full turtle shot. There's almost no reason to lay up way to the right, unless you're using Trad with a Novice and Beginner Equipment. The approach here is straightforward, I'd recommend STS for any pin in the back, only one to be careful of here is if the pin is right under the bunker, if so play a little past the pin, the putt from there is easy.

Going For It
Almost a complete no-go for a novice character, unless you hit a huge one with Sophie/Sackboy, but with an Expert/Intermediate, take out your big stick and knock one out there. I would suggest a turtle approach every time here. Our neutral aim point off the tee (*neutral means the line w/out wind consideration) is the cluster of 3 trees at around 290y off the right side of the fairway. If you pull off a full turtle your ball will shape right into the green. If you're using an expert with 290y or more base distance, stick with RED power, blue might blow you over the green and OB/WH.

If you want to sidespin around the buildings, you'll want at least a C spin stat and PI is a must. If you miss it, chances are you'll end up OB somewhere along the real estate. You'll also need a healthy blue boost or some good wind to get all the way there without a turtle. A good aim point here would be just down the right side of the left building...PI PI PI. Surely don't try this with someone who hits a fade.

Long Tee
Aim out to the right...going left only makes for a much longer and much tougher second, and that's if you keep it in the fairway. Right right right, always right. Blast a driver or 3w to a preferable yardage to avoid a tweener shot, and keep the wind in mind. If you can angle your drive so that your approach is directly downwind, or directly into the wind, you've taken a lot of work off your plate. For your approach, whatever you're most comfortable with, you can play almost any shot here given that you've a wedge in hand.

Long Tee sucker method:
You can attempt to turtle over or water-skip your tee shot up to the cartpath that leads to the green. It's possible to actually reach the green with an expert, although very unlikely. You'll see more water hazards and balls stuck in a tree stump than anything else, but it's fun to try.

This hole spotlight will be included in our OOB Course Guides.
Learn More About Every Hole! Get Exciting Tips & Tricks!

[iurl=http://www.hotshotsgolf.com/index.php/board,167.0.html]Click here and start improving your game today![/iurl]

Quotes Chosen By OthersGirl
Your moderators will be watching for your posts ~ and will be submitting some of them to HSG.COMmunity. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always memorable, and quotable. If you would like to see the thread that these quotes were taken from, please click the link ABOVE each quote.

If YOU see a quote from another member that you think we might like to include ~ please ~ use the "quote" feature, and then copy/paste that quote into a a message to EITHER me, Fried_Blowney, ZeAd19, or TN*JJ* (who has been actively contributing member quotes ~ thanks, girl!) If we like the quote submitted, you might see it included. We value all input.

[quote author=the_smug_one link=topic=3812.msg49358#msg49358 date=1241823215]
At the end of the day luck plays a part in everyone's round, and while you can't adjust for it completely, over the course of 18 holes the element of skill will clearly play the largest role. I mean, honestly, do you really find it surprising that the G0 wins leader also leads this event? Cause I don't.


[quote author=Optimus_Prime link=topic=3182.msg39235#msg39235 date=1239502416]
The thing you notice going up each grade is that in tourneys there are more and more people who fire out of the gate to good scores. . . The key is to not panic and get too aggressive when you see fast starts. You can fire your way out of potential pod position that way.


[quote author=kumanzc link=topic=2945.msg36064#msg36064 date=1238623633]
[My hero] is Alex. Down to earth, helpful, multi-talented. I even met her in real life once on the street and she is the same as in the game. What a great girl.

[quote author=fried_blowney link=topic=2957.msg38256#msg38256 date=1239243413]
It doesn't matter if you have a great round or a poor round; you just need to beat everyone else, regardless. If -3 is enough to win, then so be it. If -20 doesn't get a pod, then it wasn't good enough. Simple as that. You can't be consistently great all the time, sooner or later you're going to have a bad round.


[quote author=rinoshark link=topic=238.msg2614#msg2614 date=1222919154]
I dont know what to say to you guys but this, the same thing i have said from the beginning, bring it. . . You guys got so much talent out there and don't know it. . . Find them, they will come. I stand alone all the time in the lobbies, as many patrons of this game know, and cry, I NEED COMPETITION.


[quote author=Frozen_Walkers link=topic=4762.msg58662#msg58662 date=1243969023]
At any rate, I agree that some of the voters go for popular peeps but for [ ahem ] best looking male the guy who won is not popular and [ ahem ] he won because of his extremely awesome undeniable handsomeness. ;D


[quote author=pinktacoshmaz link=topic=3800.msg46259#msg46259 date=1240983338]
I golf too slowly because i feel like if i watch my shot, i think i can somehow will it to go where i want it to. It's an extension of the original mario bros. method of moving your body to give mario some jumping boost.


[quote author=MasonR link=topic=3720.msg45638#msg45638 date=1240852519]
I think it's difficult to be competitive and friendly at the same time in a situation such as this. . . Long story short, I'm going to try to beat you, by 10 shots if possible. It's game and people like to win. I make no apologies for being competitive not only in tournaments, but in events, for pbs, leaderboards, and even for the game of tidly-winks that I play with my grandmother twice a year. It seems so often that people have to apologize for being good at this game.


by YunaTidus4ever

By OthersGirl

Signing Into PSN (after error) ~ Without Quitting the Game
and Messaging From ALL 3 Game Formats

We've all experienced the recent PSN problems, getting signed again and again.
The select button stops working, you can't get signed back in . . .
But you DON'T have to quit the game to sign into the PSN again.

From the LOBBY
First put your avatar to sleep.
(hold down the start button til the ZZZ's appear)
Press the PS button.
This will give you access to your full XMB
Arrow over to the left: SIGN IN

From a REAL-Format GameRoom
Simply press your PS button ~ and you'll have access to your XMB.
You can also read and reply to your messages this way!
Press your left arrow button once (to show YOUR scorecard), & press the PS button.
Again, you can read/reply to messages this way!

From a MATCH or STROKE GameRoom
It is MUCH more difficult to read/reply to messages (or re-sign in to psn)
from match and stroke format games---but it CAN be done.

It must be done DURING the hole fly-by.
First, you'll have to make sure the people you are playing the game with
DO NOT PRESS X while the hole is loading.
It is ONLY during the fly-by that the XMB can be accessed.
What IS the "fly-by"??
(as each hold loads, it shows you the "suggested path" for your shots.)

When you are between holes, and the game owner presses X (or timer runs down), as SOON as the hole BEGINS LOADING,
(the SECOND you see "Now Loading" in the lower right of screen)
you can press your PS button. You MUST BE FAST!!!! You ONLY have a few seconds.
I'd recommend trying to read/reply/sign-in only during par4s or par5s.

Once the fly-by is over, or
If the person whose turn is next presses X, you will be kicked from messages
and pulled BACK into the game.
If your message was in process of Sending while you loaded back in the game,
it is possible that your game will freeze up, and you will have to QUIT the game, and restart.
SPEED IS IMPORTANT!!! But, it CAN be done!

By BestCorner24

GAME MENU (Options)
When you first turn on the OT2 console and pass the opening credits screen, you will see the Main Menu. Here, you will notice 6 features to choose from. Click on OPTIONS. Once there, you will notice 9 features that you can change, and which will affect your game-play. Here are a few few things that will possibly help you improve your overall golf score--by tweaking the settings on the OPTIONS screen.

Each golf course has its own theme music. If you are a person who does not like having interruptions or music playing while you concentrate, then set the Music to OFF. However, those of you who concentrate better with music, set the Music to ON. Music could potentially encourage you to hit PI (Perfect Impact) more consistently and sink putts more often!

Set this to ON. Caddies will let you know if the wind is strong and if a shot is heading towards a HAZARD or possibly going in for an EAGLE or ALBYTROSS. Most importantly, Caddies will let you know if a hidden item is NEAR your location.

Set to OFF. If you want to play at your best potential and improve your game, play at normal game-play level. If you play the game while on easy mode, you could potentially be a G3 player for a long period of time.

History of hotshotsgolf.com
Contributed by Interyernan

This is a computer game, similar to the programmed reality of the matrix. It has the same basic rules, rules like wind and trajectory. What you must learn is that these rules are no different to those of a computer system, some of them can be bent, others can be broken. Understand? Then hit that alby - if you can?

We all have a love for this wonderful game, we faithfully registered and continue to participate in this forum be it via the events, ladder or as staff and the threads we all chat in. However for one man back in the 1990's who was just beginning to follow a career in web development he decided that the dream was starting very early when he registered a domain name off the back of the release of HSG1.

Before the actual release of the OOB/EGWT game in March 2008, Morpheus started to receive offers for the domain name that was registered. On researching why this, it was evident that new games for the PS3 and PSP consoles were on there way and thus a dream started to become a reality a whole 10 years on.

Frantic work and sheer determination ensued, trying to make a site for the release of the actual game, things changing until it was settled upon a community environment with a homepage. Add in some events, a ladder and an arcade and you have what you log into everyday.

Things have evolved since day one and at a rapid rate. From Clint_Westwood being the first member and posting on a lonely forum:

"Helloooooooooooooooooooo anyone here............can you hear me..............."

To our current membership stats sitting at 1000+ members and 50,000+ posts we've come a long long way. Events are getting bigger and better, the site is growing faster and faster and why? The love of the game and a common ground have bought us all together under one man's umbrella, ella, ella eh eh eh eh.

So i say to you....

"This site is everywhere, it is all around us, even now in the room you are in, when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television and computer. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth - that we were all born into the construct of this website, Morphs website - Morphs Matrix"

Because OT2s community is smaller in number, they were greatly outweighed by the OOB voting population. In order to better recognize and appreciate ALL of our members, we have decided to split a few of the polls (and create additional), highlighting the OT2 winners.

Please congratulate the following Caddy Awards: Honorary Awards Winners:

OT2 King: WelpItsMe
Fastest OT2 Golfer: Kid64
Best Male OT2 Golfer: Mcpy2000
Best Female OT2 Golfer: TN*JJ*
Most Likely to Participate in all OT2 Events: HawaiiD
Most Active New OT2 Member: xxGhettoxx

Messages From Your Moderators

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