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Thread: If you're a NEW member, READ THIS!!!

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    Default If you're a NEW member, READ THIS!!!

    Welcome to the Community!

    Here at, you'll find that the members are all very welcoming ~ we really are one large community of gamers.

    There's a lot to do, so take a look around. On the homepage, click Community to see the entire list of boards. You'll see how everything is divided. Feel free to explore everything. You can reply to any topic you want no matter how old it is. (as long as you have registered as a member)

    So start surfing, and START POSTING! We want to get to know you. Whether you're new to the game, or just new to the forum, take a few minutes to create a post in this board and introduce yourself to everyone.

    (On the welcome and Introductions! board, simply click the button that says "New Topic"

    Let us know who you are, why you decided to join us. Tell us what you're hoping to get out of the forum --- interested in tours? events? looking for help in your golf game? Just want to get to know some more people?

    If you're a golfer (like most of us--though not all) tell us which version(s) of the game you have and play.

    Tell us more about yourself.

    Don't be shy!
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