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Thread: Power Rankings Issue

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    Default Power Rankings Issue

    most of us are aware of the fact that cars lost his old account stats due to the fact that his ps3 passed away. this presents a problem, because we all know that he is a phenomenal and perennial level 20 guy. there are quite of few people out there who have suffered the same fate who might also want old statistics included. that opens the door to those of us who have second accounts (g0) with stats that are technically produced by the same person. i've got something like 16/17 wins and 60% pod on LeftMaybe.

    i'm currently undecided about it, so i need the 20s help. please post something if you're a 20 so i can figure it out and post stuff that everyone can "pretty much" agree on other than how i created the power ranking itself. i'm still taking suggestions on how to do it so feel free to speak up.
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    Just to give you some info, we are hoping that we can get his save file off the old drive at some point and bring it back to life.
    I know i'm not a level 20 but i do know:

    if he wins a G0 with this current account his online ranking will reset back to 1 win

    if we bring back his old account and he gets win 72 it will reset the figure and show 72 wins again.

    I've got a couple more options left in trying to get that save file out but am waiting back from a friend on a bit more information.

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    Default Re: Power Rankings Issue

    that would be great if something like that could happen, especially since there are others that have had similar issues.
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    Not trying to create a problem, but if you think about it there are a lot of people who restarted their account. Do you add all of their bad tournaments in to hurt their % (ie Ogiceman).

    Just do what you want, it will never be accurate since many ppl had multiple accounts.

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    Default Re: Power Rankings Issue

    I know I am not level 20 but go with your gut instincts, and what you think would be fair for everyone involved. You know me, always gotta put my 2cents in when it comes to fairness!!!

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    Default Re: Power Rankings Issue

    Scoots makes a very good point, many of us have never had a second account and have literally every game ever played recorded on that single account. I'm not faulting anyone for having a second account, but some people's numbers might be inflated because they made a breakthrough after several hundred games and then started a new account. There might also be people missing out on a few wins here and there because they had a quasi-alt account that they played with sparingly but never got rid of. I mean if I started a new account and blasted out 25 wins in 40 games and then sat on those stats some people might get annoyed, reasonably so, it's no different from anyone who wiped their record at one point.

    It makes things world more difficult for everyone involved, considering just how many accounts some players have had. If it's at all possible we should include all accounts people have played with. If we don't have the exact numbers, do our best job to figure out what those numbers were at the time he lost the account, and make an accurate estimate.

    Also down the line I think we might need to address the issue of people flat out resetting their stats on their account, if any notable account hacks reach Level 20, that is. Possibly leave them out of the rankings entirely, or asterisk next to their names.

    I'm all for allowing Cars to use his old statistics, but I think we should get old stats from players like OGICEMAN as well.

    I think it'd be cool see some Minna power rankings too.

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    Default Re: Power Rankings Issue

    agree with scoot/yuna/mace.

    it's tough, you know? luckily for me, my 2nd acct. stats are extremely similar to my main account (~20%win,~60%pod). but there is no question that there is AT LEAST one 20 with multiple past accounts that would most definitely skew their main acct. if all stats were included.

    i think we can all agree that these statistics are kind of stupid/silly and don't necessarily reflect each person's performance. it's just a goof that i decided to put some time into because i'm a tool and think that the numbers are fun to interpret. all 20s know who the best players are at this point, but it may change over time, and the rankings i put up will most likely reflect that.

    90% possibility that i will compile cars' stats as kind of a "grandfathering" move and not allow other accounts to be included in the future. we just have to go with what stats current lvl 20 accounts have and go from there.

    i was thinking about what a disaster it would be for me to get every 20 with multiple accts. to show up in the lobby with each.

    solution? hey, LeftMaybe is less than a dozen wins away from level 20. if i really gave a crap i would use that account to get to 30 wins so that account could be included. but that's just dumb. if someone else wants to do that, go for it.
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    Default Re: Power Rankings Issue

    Yeah, they are just for a good laugh and everything, and realistically everything is settled on the course. After all is said and done most of the 20s know where everyone else stands, but I'm so anal about stats that it gets to me every now and then when someone resets their account or creates a second account for better stats. Not saying that's the reason for everyone, but it certainly is for some people.

    And at least there's no way to circumvent the wins category.

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    Default Re: Power Rankings Issue


    think you got that covered for "a while" lol
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    Default Re: Power Rankings Issue

    hey plum, maybe you know this...maybe not. But you can see peoples stats as long as they are online at the time. You go to the leaderboards and press the L3 (control stick in) and then you can select anyone, if they are online you can see there then can also jump to wherever they are...

    I didn't know about this until about a week ago...

    And yeah, your stats are really just for fun, so don't stress them so much. Include Cars cause he's the man

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