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Thread: Minna victory thread!

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    And that's not even G0. Some sick skills in Japan (and the hardy souls who compete with them)!
    When you learn, teach. When you get, give. ~Maya Angelou

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    I don't play Minna much as I have been trying to get to Level 19 (one victory away) in what little time I put into OOB nowadays. But I am happy to say I survived my first G0 block of 20 games (in a four month span) in Minna with one victory and two 2nds, with no other pods (losing out on points) surprisingly. I am finding the character only tours using Sasha and Sophie not found in OOB to be to my disadvantage. As Kronzz said, careful selection of tours is probably wise.

  3. Default Finally after 18 months

    I have eventually won my 1st g0!

    After 18 months of using SonOfGloin1965 and running out of g0 pity prizes, I switched to Button_PJ, and my 1st g0 Podium is a win

    Crown 9 out Kate No yardage to hole -10, Mutard's on the podium
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    Nice one PJ, and Mutard, too. That must have been after I left last night. I should have stayed up.

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    Woohoo!!!11!1 go us! grats again pj, helova win, just about had me one yesterday too, but got beat out by some robot by 109pts, although that 2nd place secured me another 20 tours of HELL, hehe. i think once i get passed the nerves caused from playing against the world's best, i'll prolly start sinkin some damn putts again and maybe win me a few trophies

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