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Thread: You Know you've Played too Much HSG when...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMagorianKnight View Post use the history music theme from OT2 to help you sleep.
    I do the same thing with HSG2. Just put it on match play, and have the computer go against it self. The interesting thing about it is, it will keep playing new matches. I don't know if this is some type of glitch the game had.

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    When there’s a storm with golf ball sized hail, and you go outside with a driver and start wacking the hail stones around.

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    When you spend 5 hours reading all 35 pages of this thread meanwhile waiting for HSG endless online patches to finish O_O! Oh and I've been playing Minna No Golf demo for almost what 3yrs? I just finally got this game for 20$ man is it great! Too bad I didn't buy it earlier

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    Agreed with the whole reading through 35 pages of addiction jokes...

    ... When you have been working for three years trying to develop a golfball that lights on fire (and stays on fire) upon impact with a golf club. ((I am not bsing on this one, Chemistry/Alchemy + Golf = SCIENCE!))

    ... When you are living in hawaii and instead of going outside to play in the Myriad of Beautiful golf courses that you get into cheap for being military, you instead decide to stay at home and play golf on a brightly lit three inch screen.

    ... When you build a character based off of the man who got you introduced to golf. ((Grampa Steve, introduced me to the game of golf and hotshots >.> then about 10-12 years later when he finally passed away, even though the PS2 was out by then, left you with his battered up PS1 and a copy of the original Hot Shots Golf and about 20 other golf games, along with memory cards, filled to the top. Tell you what, It was kind of a humbling experience when I first went through the games he left, finally allowed to load up his save files. That man is an Idol to me. And I still have that PS1 and that game, and his save files :P ))
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